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Improving the website

ashusharmasigdev opened this issue · comments

Hello, @joaodasilva , I am improving the website of windowjs, If any feature you want, inform me, I will try to Implement that. This will be my first contribution.

Thanks for looking into this. I'd suggest starting with something small, to make sure that it's going in the right direction.

I've written some thoughts here:


I think that fixing the site on mobile is a good first step. You should start by reproducing the issue:

  • install Jekyll
  • serve the pages via jekyll serve; see the docs here:
  • now you should be able to edit the docs and live reload on your browser
  • use the Chrome Devtools to simulate a mobile device, and notice that the API docs pages don't look good at all. For example, the Canvas API page is larger than my phone and the text overflows to the sides.

Ideally, the fix for this is not very intrusive and just tweaks the CSS style and maybe the HEAD element:

(for example, I think the problem might be a missing viewport for mobile devices)

As for the CSS, it was mostly built for the desktop pages and then a media query was added at the bottom to make things somewhat better on mobile:

@media screen and (max-width: 1200px) {

Hope this helps getting started.

Hello, I know, It's much late, but i am currently busy on my os projects. I am written a layout, you can view it here WinJS-Test, This is currently static, if you like it, so i replace the docs layouts with this in repo. This needs some more responsiveness in font sizes & margins b/w contents, that will made, if you liked it, it is just demo to show you the theme layout of site, currently i used an another logo, because currently winjs have none, so this logo is just temporary and if you want to change colors, theirs very easy way, only a value of --primary-color: value_in_rgb to change in css/vars.css.

Thanks for the ideas! The website has been improved in issue #33 with PR #73, so for the time being I think it's working well.

I'm now looking to integrate Sven's contributions from this discussion:

#24 (comment)

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