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A collection of Galaxy-related training material

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Galaxy Training Material Gitter

This repository collects tutorials, slides, and exercises developed and maintained by the Galaxy community.


The content of the material is developed in Markdown and a templating system (Jekyll) is used to format the tutorials and generate a website (http://training.galaxyproject.org).

Do you want to help with this project? Have a question? Please have a look at our tutorials dedicating to training material development and our FAQ.

If you want to build the website locally, please have a look at the tutorial.


The content of the tutorials and website are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

The code behind the infrastructure is licensed under the MIT License

Acknowledgment and Funding

We would like to thank all contributors, especially those mentioned in the Contributors list, the Galaxy community for their constant support, and our funding partners listed in the GTN

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A collection of Galaxy-related training material


License:MIT License


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