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Taming Text, by Grant Ingersoll, Thomas Morton and Drew Farris is
designed to teach software engineers the basic concepts of working
with text to solve search and Natural Language Processing problems.
The book focuses on teaching using existing open source libraries like
Apache Solr, Apache Mahout and Apache OpenNLP to manipulate text.  To
learn more, visit http://www.manning.com/ingersoll.

Getting Started

Throughout this document, TT_HOME is the directory containing the
checkout of the Taming Text code base.

Taming Text uses Maven for building and running the code.  To get
started, you will need:

1. JDK 1.6+ 
2. Maven 3.0 or higher 
3. The OpenNLP English models, available at 

   Place the models in the TT_HOME directory in a directory named

   This can be done by using the following commands on UNIX from the
   TT_HOME directory:

   mkdir opennlp-models 
   cd opennlp-models 
   wget -nd -np -r http://maven.tamingtext.com/opennlp-models/models-1.5/ 
   rm index.html*

4. Get WordNet 3.0 and place it in the TT_HOME directory.
   This can be done by using the following commands on UNIX from the
   TT_HOME directory:

   wget -nd -np -m http://maven.tamingtext.com/wordnet/
   rm index.html*
   tar -xf WordNet-3.0.tar.gz

Building the Source

Prior to building the source, for those previously unfamiliar with Maven,
it may be wise to read this to avoid future hassles:

To build the source, in TT_HOME:

   mvn clean package 

Running the Examples

Many of the examples can be run via the 'tt' script in the TT_HOME/bin
directory. Running this script without arguments will display a list
of the example names.

Some of the samples are powered by pre-configured instances of
solr. These can be started with the TT_HOME/bin/start-solr.sh script,
which takes a single argument, the name of the instance to
start. Available instances include solr-qa, solr-clustering and


Taming Text Book Source Code



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