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Diffusion MR Imaging in Python

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DIPY - Diffusion Imaging in Python


DIPY [DIPYREF] is a python library for analysis of MR diffusion imaging.

DIPY is for research only; please do not use results from DIPY for clinical decisions.


Current information can always be found from the DIPY website - http://dipy.org

Mailing Lists

Please see the developers' list at https://mail.python.org/mailman/listinfo/neuroimaging

Please see the users' forum at https://neurostars.org

Please join the gitter chatroom here.


You can find our sources and single-click downloads:

Installing DIPY

DIPY can be installed using pip:

pip install dipy

or using conda:

conda install -c conda-forge dipy vtk

For detailed installation instructions, including instructions for installing from source, please read our documentation.


DIPY is licensed under the terms of the BSD license. Please see LICENSE file.


We welcome contributions from the community. Please read our Contributing guidelines.


[DIPYREF]E. Garyfallidis, M. Brett, B. Amirbekian, A. Rokem, S. Van Der Walt, M. Descoteaux, I. Nimmo-Smith and DIPY contributors, "DIPY, a library for the analysis of diffusion MRI data", Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, vol. 8, p. 8, Frontiers, 2014.
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Diffusion MR Imaging in Python




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