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:spades: Extensible search component for React.

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Extensible search component for React.


The demo can be found in this repository.


$ npm i -S omnibar


Import the module and your extensions

import Omnibar from 'omnibar';
import Foo from './Foo';
import Bar from './Bar';

Render it in your component

export default function MyComponent() {
  return <Omnibar placeholder="Enter keyword" extensions={[Foo, Bar]} />;

Extending your Omnibar

Simple Extension

The example below returns a simple list of items. <Omnibar /> will render an anchor item with the default result item schema.

  title: string;
  url: string;
export default function FooExtension() {
  return [
    { title: 'Dropbox', url: '' },
    { title: 'GitHub', url: '' },
    { title: 'Facebook', url: '' },

Promise-based Results

Extensions can also return a Promise that resolves a list of items.

For example, given an API endpoint that takes a request parameter q, it will return a JSON response like so:

  "items": [
    { "name": "foo", "website": "" },
    { "name": "bar", "website": "" }

Your extension can return a Promise that resolves into a list of items. The example below makes a request to our fake API endpoint and maps it's data schema with the default anchor schema.

export default function SearchExtension(query) {
    return fetch(`${query}`)
        .then(resp => resp.json() => ({

Custom Renderers

If you would like to display additional data in your result listings such as a thumbnail, you can pass a rendering function to the render prop in your <Omnibar /> instance.

The example below changes our result item schema to be in the shape of:

  owner: {
    avatar_url: string;
  html_url: string;
  full_name: string;
class MyComponent extends React.Component {
  render() {
    return (
      <Omnibar placeholder="Search GitHub" extensions={[GitHub]}>
        {({ item }) => <div>{item.full_name}</div>}

Or you can use the render prop to specify your custom component:

function ResultItem({ item }) {
  return (
      <img src={item.owner.avatar_url} width={30} height={30} />
      <a href={item.html_url}>{item.full_name}</a>

class MyComponent extends React.Component {
  render() {
    return (
        placeholder="Search GitHub"

Extension Decorators


The command() helper will wrap your extension through a command prefix and will filter only those matching the command.


import { command } from 'omnibar';

function MyExtension() {
  return [
    // ...items

export default command(MyExtension, 'foo');

In the above example, MyExtension will be queried only if the user starts their query with the keyword foo.

foo test -> queries extensions
footest -> doesn't query extension
test -> doesn't query extension

Higher Order Components

Extend Your Omnibar

The withExtensions is a HOC factory method to enhance your Omnibar with your own extensions.


import Omnibar, { withExtensions } from 'omnibar';

const GitSearchBar = withExtensions([GitHub])(Omnibar);
const NpmSearchBar = withExtensions([Npm])(Omnibar);
const GlobalSearchBar = withExtensions([GitHub, Npm])(Omnibar);

// renders a GitHub-only search bar
// <GitSearchBar />

// renders a Npm-only search bar
// <NpmSearchBar />

// renders the global search bar (includes GitHub, and Npm)
// <GlobalSearchBar />

This will produce the results below:

// <Omnibar extensions={[GitHub]} {...props} />

// <Omnibar extensions={[Npm]} {...props} />

// <Omnibar extensions={[GitHub, Npm]} {...props} />

Voice Commands

The withVoice is another HOC factory method to enhance your Omnibar with voice recognition using the WebSpeech API.

Note that this is experimental.


import Omnibar, { withVoice } from 'omnibar';

const VoiceBar = withVoice(Omnibar);

// voice-enhanced Omnibar
// <VoiceBar />

// regular Omnibar:
// <Omnibar />

Composing Your Omnibar

Included in the omnibar package is a compose() function that allows you to apply all these nifty features.


const GitVoiceSearch = withVoice(withExtensions([GitHub]))(Omnibar);


const GitVoiceSearch = compose(

// render
// <GitVoiceSearch />


Prop Type Required? Description
autoFocus boolean Optionally make the Omnibar autoFocus.
children Function Optional rendering function for each result item. Arguments: { item, isSelected, isHighlighted }
inputDelay number Set an input delay used for querying extensions (Default: 100ms)
maxResults number The maximum amount of results to display overall.
maxViewableResults number The maximum amount of results to display in the viewable container (before scrolling).
onAction Function Apply an action callback when an item is executed. Arguments: item
onQuery Function Triggered when a query is made
placeholder string Input placeholder
render Function Alias of children
resultStyle object Style object override for the result container
style React.CSSProperties Style object override for the <input /> element
value string Optional value to send to the Omnibar.


  1. Clone this repository and the website repository.
  2. Run npm i or yarn on the omnibar directory.
  3. Run npm link on the omnibar directory.
  4. Run npm i or yarn on the omnibar-www directory.
  5. Run npm link omnibar on the omnibar-www directory.
  6. Run npm run dev on the omnibar-www directory.
  7. Open https://localhost:8080 in your browser.


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:spades: Extensible search component for React.

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