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Setup process for mybonways

Before cloning this repository, make you sure you have the following installed:

After installing all of the above:

  1. clone the repository to $GOPATH/src/ like this: (Assuming you have your $GOPATH setup correctly)
	$ go get
  1. Next install buffalo:
	$ go get -u -v
  1. change directory to the repo ($GOPATH/src/ and Install javascript modules:
	$ npm install
  1. Set up your database correctly according to the database.yml OR run:
	$ buffalo db create -a

buffalo will automatically setup the database.

NOTICE: If for any reason buffalo throws any errors of packages not found, change to its directory:

$ cd $GOPATH/src/

and install it's dependencies (go get ./...)

$ go get ./...

Download and install POSTGIS extension for postgresql before porceeding to the next step

Create the tables by running the migrations:

$ buffalo db migrate up

Add data to the database for development:

$ buffalo task db:seed

Finally, start the application (in the repository directory $GOPATH/src/

$ buffalo dev

This buffalo command will watch the application and automatically rebuild the Go binary and all it's assets. Open your browser to localhost:3000. The page should appear.

Go over to to explore the buffalo documentation.


View promos from stores around you


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