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🚀 Getting started with Strapi

Strapi comes with a full featured Command Line Interface (CLI) which lets you scaffold and manage your project in seconds.


Start your Strapi application with autoReload enabled. Learn more

npm run develop
# or
yarn develop


Start your Strapi application with autoReload disabled. Learn more

npm run start
# or
yarn start


Build your admin panel. Learn more

npm run build
# or
yarn build

⚙️ Deployment

Strapi gives you many possible deployment options for your project. Find the one that suits you on the deployment section of the documentation.

📚 Learn more

  • Resource center - Strapi resource center.
  • Strapi documentation - Official Strapi documentation.
  • Strapi tutorials - List of tutorials made by the core team and the community.
  • Strapi blog - Official Strapi blog containing articles made by the Strapi team and the community.
  • Changelog - Find out about the Strapi product updates, new features and general improvements.

Feel free to check out the Strapi GitHub repository. Your feedback and contributions are welcome!


  • Discord - Come chat with the Strapi community including the core team.
  • Forum - Place to discuss, ask questions and find answers, show your Strapi project and get feedback or just talk with other Community members.
  • Awesome Strapi - A curated list of awesome things related to Strapi.

🤫 Psst! Strapi is hiring.



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