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RSocket plugin for JetBrains IDEs

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RSocket plugin for JetBrains IDEs

RSocket plugin is a plugin for JetBrains IDE to execute RSocket requests in HTTP Client.

The following features are available for RSocket:

  • Execute request/response, fireAndForget, request/Stream, metadataPush for RSocket
  • Live templates: rpc, fnf, stream, metadata
  • Spring Boot RSocket, Alibaba/Spring RSocket Broker support
  • Code completion for RSocket headers
  • Code completion/navigation for RSocket routing
  • Intention action to convert RSocket request to rsc CLI
  • Transportation support: TCP and WebSocket
  • RSocket Endpoint support: Java and Kotlin
  • Line marker for methods in RSocket class with API test
  • GraphQL over RSocket support

RSocket requests demo

### rsocket request response for Spring Boot RSocket
RSOCKET com.example.UserService.findById
Content-Type: application/json


### Alibaba RSocket Broker
RSOCKET com.alibaba.user.UserService.findById
X-AliBroker: true
Content-Type: application/json


RSocket URI and Routing

  • without schema means tcp connection:
  • http schema means WebSocket connection:
  • RSocket Routing: path means first tag for routing, and query params for other tags

Http Headers for RSocket

  • Host: the target to connect by tcp localhost:42252 or by WS ws://localhost:8080/rsocket
  • From: app information, such app name, ip, datacenter etc
  • Content-Type: data content type, and default is application/json
  • Metadata-Type: metadata type, and default is message/x.rsocket.composite-metadata.v0
  • Setup-Metadata: Metadata for Setup payload
  • Setup-Data: Data for Setup payload
  • Metadata: metadata for payload, and it should be base64-string for composite metadata
  • Accept: Metadata Payload for acceptable data MIME Type
  • Authorization: Bearer

Data format for Metadata and Data

  • Text style: normal text
  • Binary style: data:application/octet-stream;base64,<base64-string>

GraphQL over RSocket

### GraphQL over RSocket
RSOCKET graphql
Host: ws://localhost:8080/rsocket
Content-Type: application/graphql

query {
    findBook(id: "book-1") { id name }

If you want to use GraphQL variables, please add X-GraphQL-Variables: {id: 1} HTTP header.



RSocket plugin for JetBrains IDEs

License:Apache License 2.0


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