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Ant Media Publish Play Example with React Js

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This project is a basic example that how you embed the ant javascript sdk to the react app. I made same changes on webadaptor class and preparing publish play example with react

Ant Media server installation

Download the ant media server from ANT MEDIA SERVER

You can find installation guide on github ANT GITHUB REPO


git clone git@github.com:Lethea/ant-media-react-publish-play-example.git

In the project directory, you can run:

npm install

Change the

websocketURL: "wss://antmediatest:5443/WebRTCAppEE/websocket",

in publishnew, playernew and playernewauto page

then execute

npm start

Publish Page PublishPage Play Page PlayPage


  • Play / Publish Implementation
  • PeerConnection / Icecandidate etc webrtc stuff implemented
  • Publish Stream Button
  • Play Stream Button
  • Selecting Camera / Microphone
  • Token Play / Publish
  • External Player Link For Hls Playback
  • Typo Control
  • Test


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Ant Media Publish Play Example with React Js


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