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Array.index function genereated for array of sumtype references produces C error.

islonely opened this issue · comments

V version: V 0.2.4 223b96a.1fc9e1a
OS: linux, "Manjaro Linux"

What did you do?

struct Element {
	name       string
	value      string
	attributes []&Attribute

struct Attribute {
	name  string
	value string

pub type Node = Attribute | Element

struct AbstractNode {
pub mut:
	child_nodes []&Node

pub fn (mut n AbstractNode) append_child(child &Node) {
	n.child_nodes << child

pub fn (n &AbstractNode) has_child(child &Node) int {
	return n.child_nodes.index(child)

fn main() {
	mut parent := &Element{
		name: 'parent'
	mut child := &Element{
		name: 'child'


What did you expect to see?
Expected code to compile and the has_child function to return an integer.

What did you see instead?
The code doesn't compile because the generated C code is invalid.

/usr/lib64/crt1.o: error: Invalid relocation entry [15] '.rela.debug_info' @ 000004f5
tcc: error: file 'crt1.o' not found
/tmp/v_1000/test.9025346761131596870.tmp.c:2213: error: cannot convert 'struct main__Node *' to 'struct main__Node'
static int Array_dom__Node_ptr_index(Array_dom__Node_ptr a, dom__Node* v) {
	dom__Node** pelem = a.data;
	for (int i = 0; i < a.len; ++i, ++pelem) {
		if (dom__Node_sumtype_eq(*pelem, v)) {
			return i;
	return -1;
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