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  • phrase2vec - Implementation of phrase2vec from modified word2vec code.
  • iclr2017 - Doc2VecC from the paper "Efficient Vector Representation for Documents through Corruption"
  • tinier-nn - 📱 Binarized Neural Network TF training code + C matrix / eval library.
  • libpostal - A C library for parsing/normalizing street addresses around the world. Powered by statistical NLP and open geo data.
  • orp -


  • faiss - A library for efficient similarity search and clustering of dense vectors.
  • leela-zero - Go engine with no human-provided knowledge, modeled after the AlphaGo Zero paper.
  • tesseract - Tesseract Open Source OCR Engine (main repository)
  • singular -
  • AntonymDetection - Implementation of Word Embedding-based Antonym Detection using Thesauri and Distributional Information in NAACL2015


  • open-source-rover - A build-it-yourself, 6-wheel rover based on the rovers on Mars!





  • mgfsm - Large scale frequent sequence mining
  • boilerpipe - Work in progress transmit from Google Code


Jupyter Notebook


  • cws_evaluation - Java开源项目cws_evaluation:中文分词器分词效果评估对比



  • LearningWithoutForgetting - Repository for the Learning without Forgetting paper, ECCV 2016
  • BPL - Bayesian Program Learning model for one-shot learning

OpenEdge ABL

  • interpretable-test - NeurIPS 2016. Linear-time interpretable nonparametric two-sample test.



  • wikireader - Official Source code for the WikiReader (by Openmoko)


  • chineseGLUE - Language Understanding Evaluation benchmark for Chinese: datasets, baselines, pre-trained models,corpus and leaderboard
  • LIP_JPPNet - Code repository for Joint Body Parsing & Pose Estimation Network, T-PAMI 2018
  • MLQA - New dataset
  • paws - This dataset contains 108,463 human-labeled and 656k noisily labeled pairs that feature the importance of modeling structure, context, and word order information for the problem of paraphrase identification.
  • d2l-tvm - WIP
  • text_matching - 文本匹配的相关模型DSSM,ESIM,ABCNN,BIMPM等,数据集为LCQMC官方数据
  • PointerSQL - Code for PointerSQL, PT-MAML, Execution-guided Decoding papers
  • Chinese-BERT-wwm - Pre-Training with Whole Word Masking for Chinese BERT(中文BERT-wwm系列模型)
  • fastNLP - fastNLP: A Modularized and Extensible NLP Framework. Currently still in incubation.
  • trade-dst - Source code for transferable dialogue state generator (TRADE, Wu et al., 2019).
  • entity-recognition-datasets - A collection of corpora for named entity recognition (NER) and entity recognition tasks. These annotated datasets cover a variety of languages, domains and entity types.
  • chinese_chatbot_corpus - 中文公开聊天语料库
  • swagaf - Repository for paper "SWAG: A Large-Scale Adversarial Dataset for Grounded Commonsense Inference"
  • distribution-is-all-you-need - The basic distribution probability Tutorial for Deep Learning Researchers
  • brain-tokyo-workshop - 🧠🗼
  • python-pinyin - 汉字转拼音(pypinyin)
  • mac-network - Implementation for the paper "Compositional Attention Networks for Machine Reasoning" (Hudson and Manning, ICLR 2018)
  • xlnet - XLNet: Generalized Autoregressive Pretraining for Language Understanding
  • nmt - TensorFlow Neural Machine Translation Tutorial
  • Bayesian-deep-learning - Notes and codes of the topic "Bayesian deep learning"
  • UncertintyAttention_DropMax - Attention prediction model based on uncertainty
  • disentanglement_lib - disentanglement_lib is an open-source library for research on learning disentangled representations.
  • Generative-Adversarial-Networks-Roadmap - The Roadmap to Learn Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)
  • local-loss - PyTorch code for training neural networks without global back-propagation
  • neuroptica - Flexible simulation package for optical neural networks
  • SMAE - This is the code for "Learning Sentiment Memories for Sentiment Modification without Parallel Data".
  • opinosis -
  • 10_neural_nets -
  • Towards-a-Biologically-Plausible-Backprop -
  • ccm - This project is a tensorflow implement of our work, CCM.
  • Awesome-Chatbot - Awesome Chatbot Projects,Corpus,Papers,Tutorials.Chinese Chatbot =>:
  • CapsLayer - CapsLayer: An advanced library for capsule theory
  • nmn2 - Neural module networks
  • gym-minigrid - Minimalistic gridworld package for OpenAI Gym
  • google-research - Google AI Research
  • iaf - Code for reproducing key results in the paper "Improving Variational Inference with Inverse Autoregressive Flow"
  • graph_nets - Build Graph Nets in Tensorflow
  • TPR-RNN - Code for the publication Learning to Reason with Third-Order Tensor Products.
  • prototypical-networks - Code for the NIPS 2017 Paper "Prototypical Networks for Few-shot Learning"
  • MatchingNetworks - An attempt at replicating the Matching Networks for One Shot Learning in Tensorflow - Paper URL:
  • ntm-one-shot - One-shot Learning with Memory-Augmented Neural Networks
  • ntm - TensorFlow implementation of Neural Turing Machines (NTM), with its application on one-shot learning (MANN)
  • recurrent-entity-networks - TensorFlow implementation of "Tracking the World State with Recurrent Entity Networks".
  • MemN2N-babi-python - End-To-End Memory Networks for bAbI question-answering tasks
  • pnn.pytorch.update - This repo houses the new PNN code, along with our responses to the issue raised in the recent Reddit discussion. The code is based on Michael Klachko’s repo with slight modification in and All changes are marked.
  • tencent-ml-images - Largest multi-label image database; ResNet-101 model; 80.73% top-1 acc on ImageNet
  • bert-as-service - Mapping a variable-length sentence to a fixed-length vector using BERT model
  • EAS - Efficient Architecture Search by Network Transformation, in AAAI 2018
  • chatterbot-corpus - A multilingual dialog corpus
  • DeepZine - Synthetic book pages created with a PGGAN
  • pixyz - A library for developing deep generative models in a more concise, intuitive and extendable way
  • bert - TensorFlow code and pre-trained models for BERT
  • NRI - Neural relational inference for interacting systems - pytorch
  • deep-neuroevolution - Deep Neuroevolution
  • lstm-g - An implementation of a generalized version of the Long Short-Term Memory neural network architecture and algorithm, one of the most powerful supervised machine learning methodologies
  • MC-GAN - Multi-Content GAN for Few-Shot Font Style Transfer at CVPR 2018
  • trfl - TensorFlow Reinforcement Learning
  • DME - Dynamic Meta-Embeddings for Improved Sentence Representations
  • var-attn - Latent Alignment and Variational Attention
  • featuretools - An open source python library for automated feature engineering
  • CWS - Source code for an ACL2016 paper of Chinese word segmentation
  • greedyCWS - Source code for an ACL2017 paper on Chinese word segmentation
  • chinese-xinhua - 📙 中华新华字典数据库。包括歇后语,成语,词语,汉字。
  • pycorrector - pycorrector is a toolkit for text error correction. It was developed to facilitate the designing, comparing, and sharing of deep text error correction models.
  • sketch-rnn - Multilayer LSTM and Mixture Density Network for modelling path-level SVG Vector Graphics data in TensorFlow
  • NCRF - Cancer metastasis detection with neural conditional random field (NCRF)
  • CPPN-WGAN - Generative Art Experiments
  • ParlAI - A framework for training and evaluating AI models on a variety of openly available dialogue datasets.
  • All-About-the-GAN - All About the GANs(Generative Adversarial Networks) - Summarized lists for GAN
  • adversarial-multi-criteria-learning-for-CWS - The implementation of paper, ACL 2017
  • scalable_agent - A TensorFlow implementation of Scalable Distributed Deep-RL with Importance Weighted Actor-Learner Architectures.
  • darts - Differentiable architecture search for convolutional and recurrent networks
  • flashtext - Extract Keywords from sentence or Replace keywords in sentences.
  • decaNLP - The Natural Language Decathlon: A Multitask Challenge for NLP
  • NLP-progress - Repository to track the progress in Natural Language Processing (NLP), including the datasets and the current state-of-the-art for the most common NLP tasks.
  • generative-compression - TensorFlow Implementation of Generative Adversarial Networks for Extreme Learned Image Compression
  • indrnn - TensorFlow implementation of Independently Recurrent Neural Networks
  • spider - python crawler spider
  • NewsSpider - 爬取今日头条,网易,腾讯等新闻,并建立简单的搜索引擎
  • snips-nlu - Snips Python library to extract meaning from text
  • jieba - 结巴中文分词
  • Matrix-Capsules-EM-Tensorflow - A Tensorflow implementation of CapsNet based on paper Matrix Capsules with EM Routing
  • deep-rl-tensorflow - TensorFlow implementation of Deep Reinforcement Learning papers
  • ssl_bad_gan - Good Semi-Supervised Learning That Requires a Bad GAN
  • MSC - MSC: A Dataset for Macro-Management in StarCraft II
  • multi-criteria-cws - Simple Solution for Multi-Criteria Chinese Word Segmentation
  • poincare-embeddings - PyTorch implementation of the NIPS-17 paper "Poincaré Embeddings for Learning Hierarchical Representations"
  • seq2seq - A general-purpose encoder-decoder framework for Tensorflow
  • deepnlp - Deep Learning NLP Pipeline implemented on Tensorflow
  • gradient_boosting_tensorflow_xgboost - Benchmarking Gradient Boosting in TensorFlow and XGBoost
  • sbnet - Sparse Blocks Networks
  • pyAudioAnalysis - Python Audio Analysis Library: Feature Extraction, Classification, Segmentation and Applications
  • tensor2tensor - Library of deep learning models and datasets designed to make deep learning more accessible and accelerate ML research.
  • stargan - Official PyTorch Implementation of StarGAN - CVPR 2018
  • Mask_RCNN - Mask R-CNN for object detection and instance segmentation on Keras and TensorFlow
  • science_rcn - Reference implementation of a two-level RCN model
  • CapsNet-Tensorflow - A Tensorflow implementation of CapsNet(Capsules Net) in Hinton's paper Dynamic Routing Between Capsules
  • progressive_growing_of_gans - Progressive Growing of GANs for Improved Quality, Stability, and Variation
  • mlsh - Code for the paper "Meta-Learning Shared Hierarchies"
  • DilatedRNN - Tensorflow implementation for DilatedRNN
  • pu-learning - Positive and unlabeled learning wrappers for scikit-learn
  • s2client-proto - StarCraft II Client - protocol definitions used to communicate with StarCraft II.
  • CALM - Conditional Associative Logic Memory
  • multiagent-competition - Code for the paper "Emergent Complexity via Multi-agent Competition"
  • softqlearning - Reinforcement Learning with Deep Energy-Based Policies
  • char-rnn-tensorflow - Multi-layer Recurrent Neural Networks for character-level language models implements by TensorFlow
  • BEGAN-tensorflow - python3 / Implementation of Google Brain's BEGAN in Tensorflow
  • ml-agents - Unity Machine Learning Agents Toolkit
  • sru - Training RNNs as Fast as CNNs (
  • tf.gans-comparison - Implementations of (theoretical) generative adversarial networks and comparison without cherry-picking
  • fashion-mnist - A MNIST-like fashion product database. Benchmark 👉
  • data-science-from-scratch - code for Data Science From Scratch book
  • cpo - Constrained Policy Optimization
  • ran -
  • transformer - A TensorFlow Implementation of the Transformer: Attention Is All You Need
  • cramer-gan - Tensorflow Implementation on "The Cramer Distance as a Solution to Biased Wasserstein Gradients" (
  • baselines - OpenAI Baselines: high-quality implementations of reinforcement learning algorithms
  • magenta - Magenta: Music and Art Generation with Machine Intelligence
  • clevr-iep - Inferring and Executing Programs for Visual Reasoning
  • algorithms - This repository is for learning and understanding how algorithms work.
  • nips14-ssl - Code for reproducing results of NIPS 2014 paper "Semi-Supervised Learning with Deep Generative Models"
  • the-gan-zoo - A list of all named GANs!
  • dnc - A TensorFlow implementation of the Differentiable Neural Computer.
  • generating-reviews-discovering-sentiment - Code for "Learning to Generate Reviews and Discovering Sentiment"
  • splash - Lightweight, scriptable browser as a service with an HTTP API
  • sonnet - TensorFlow-based neural network library
  • tensorflow-mnist -
  • semisupervised_vae - Replication of Semi-Supervised Learning with Deep Generative Models
  • f-lm - Language Modeling
  • deepwalk - DeepWalk - Deep Learning for Graphs
  • Improved-Dynamic-Memory-Networks-DMN-plus - Theano Implementation of DMN+ (Improved Dynamic Memory Networks) from the paper by Xiong, Merity, & Socher at MetaMind, (Dynamic Memory Networks for Visual and Textual Question Answering)
  • How_to_make_a_chatbot - This is the code for "How to Make a Chatbot - Intro to Deep Learning #12' by Siraj Raval on YouTube
  • TensorFlow-TransX - An implementation of TransE and its extended models for Knowledge Representation Learning on TensorFlow
  • mist-rnns - Mixed History Recurrent Neural Networks
  • Fast_Multi_Style_Transfer-tensorflow - Multi style transfer. You can make Gogh + Manet + Picasso style image
  • Kaggle_NCFM - Using Keras+TensorFlow to solve NCFM-Leadboard Top 5%
  • neural_tokenizer - Tokenize English sentences using neural networks.
  • TwitterQA - Deep learning based Twitter Imposter Chatbot
  • rwa - Machine Learning on Sequential Data Using a Recurrent Weighted Average
  • multi-class-text-classification-cnn-rnn - Classify Kaggle San Francisco Crime Description into 39 classes. Build the model with CNN, RNN (GRU and LSTM) and Word Embeddings on Tensorflow.
  • go-NN - Go-playing neural network in Python using TensorFlow
  • tan-clustering - Hierarchical word clustering, following "Brown clustering" (Brown et al., 1992)
  • Multi-Agent-Reinforcement-Learning-in-Stochastic-Games - Unofficial PyBrain extension for multi-agent reinforcement learning in general sum stochastic games.
  • newsler - A complete automated financial news crawler built on the top of Scrapy framework.
  • ntm-lasagne - Neural Turing Machines library in Theano with Lasagne
  • quasi-rnn - Character-level Neural Translation using Quasi-RNNs
  • fold - Deep learning with dynamic computation graphs in TensorFlow
  • lightfm - A Python implementation of LightFM, a hybrid recommendation algorithm.
  • tensorflow-resnet - ResNet model in TensorFlow
  • pointer-network-tensorflow - TensorFlow implementation of "Pointer Networks"
  • Language-Modeling-GatedCNN - Tensorflow implementation of "Language Modeling with Gated Convolutional Networks"
  • learning-to-learn - Learning to Learn in TensorFlow
  • neural-combinatorial-rl-tensorflow - in progress
  • deep-rl - Collection of Deep Reinforcement Learning algorithms
  • TensorKart - self-driving MarioKart with TensorFlow
  • tensorflow-deeplab-resnet - DeepLab-ResNet rebuilt in TensorFlow
  • tensorflow-value-iteration-networks - TensorFlow implementation of the Value Iteration Networks (NIPS '16) paper
  • sequence-labeler - Neural network sequence labeling model
  • cabs - Tensorflow implementation of SGD with Coupled Adaptive Batch Size (CABS)
  • ComputationalHealthcare - A platform for analysis & development of machine learning models using large de-identified healthcare datasets.
  • tensorflow-convlstm-cell - A ConvLSTM cell with layer normalization and peepholes for TensorFlow's RNN API.
  • tensorflow_qrnn - QRNN implementation for TensorFlow
  • opt-mmd - Learning kernels to maximize the power of MMD tests
  • DNC - Differentiable Neural Computers
  • char-rnn-tensorflow - Multi-layer Recurrent Neural Networks (LSTM, RNN) for character-level language models in Python using Tensorflow
  • rcnn - Recurrent & convolutional neural network modules
  • Deep-Learning-Papers-Reading-Roadmap - Deep Learning papers reading roadmap for anyone who are eager to learn this amazing tech!
  • DropoutUncertaintyExps - Experiments used in "Dropout as a Bayesian Approximation: Representing Model Uncertainty in Deep Learning"
  • SeqGAN - Implementation of Sequence Generative Adversarial Nets with Policy Gradient
  • ppd_model -
  • awesome-machine-learning - A curated list of awesome Machine Learning frameworks, libraries and software.
  • Vincent-AI-Artist - Style transfer using deep convolutional neural nets
  • words2map - online natural language processing with word vectors
  • attentive-reader-tensorflow - in progress
  • word-rnn-tensorflow - Multi-layer Recurrent Neural Networks (LSTM, RNN) for word-level language models in Python using TensorFlow.
  • diff-vae-tensorflow - skeleton variation encoder code in tensorflow
  • TensorFlow-VAE-GAN-DRAW - A collection of generative methods implemented with TensorFlow (Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks (DCGAN), Variational Autoencoder (VAE) and DRAW: A Recurrent Neural Network For Image Generation).
  • models - Models and examples built with TensorFlow
  • DeepLearning_TensorFlow - DeepLearning Examples using TensorFlow
  • interpy-zh - 📘《Python进阶》(Intermediate Python 中文版)
  • BinaryNet - Training Deep Neural Networks with Weights and Activations Constrained to +1 or -1
  • auto-sklearn - Automated Machine Learning with scikit-learn
  • deer - DEEp Reinforcement learning framework
  • RocAlphaGo - An independent, student-led replication of DeepMind's 2016 Nature publication, "Mastering the game of Go with deep neural networks and tree search" (Nature 529, 484-489, 28 Jan 2016), details of which can be found on their website
  • sequenceminer - An implementation of the SPADE sequence mining algorithm in Python.
  • pymining - A few data mining algorithms in pure python
  • eleve - Extraction de LExique par Variation d'Entropie - Lexicon extraction based on the variation of entropy
  • pycss - Curvature Scale Space in Python
  • scalable-irl - Scalable inverse reinforcement learning
  • elbow - Flexible Bayesian inference using TensorFlow
  • BayesianOptimization - A Python implementation of global optimization with gaussian processes.
  • dtp -



SRecode Template

  • dgk_lost_conv - dgk_lost_conv 中文对白语料 chinese conversation corpus



  • n2nmn - Code release for Hu et al. Learning to Reason: End-to-End Module Networks for Visual Question Answering. in ICCV, 2017


  • spinningup-workshop - For educational materials related to the spinning up workshops.
  • ciml - A Course in Machine Learning
  • fred - FRED simulator and associated paper



To the extent possible under law, veinpy has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.

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A curated list of my GitHub stars!