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An approachable introduction to assembly.

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Some Assembly Required

An approachable introduction to assembly.

Since forever ago, I've wanted to try writing assembly, even if just to understand why the Rollercoaster Tycoon creator would write 99% of the game in it. To be fair, even after all of this, I still don't understand why they did that.

Embarking on this quest, I quickly found a lot of scattered and difficult to understand resources. It took compiling a bunch of different materials together to come to a high level understanding of what's happening in my computer.

I wanted to write down my learnings for those who are new to this part of their computer (like me!), including working code examples. This is by no means an exhaustive guide, but instead serves as an approachable introduction to assembly.

Going through this guide takes as little as 30 minutes, but you can also spend a few hours going through it if you want to delve into the code examples.


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An approachable introduction to assembly.



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