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Samples for Google Play In-app Billing

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Google Play Billing Samples

Sample applications for Google Play Billing. To build each sample, see the README instructions in the project directory.

Google Play Billing

For more information about Google Play Billing, see the documentation.


  • 2020-02-28
    • Publish ClassyTaxiJava: Billing Library Java sample - currently only supports subscriptions.
  • 2019-12-30
    • Restructure ClassyTaxi to separate Android, web, and server implementations.
      • The ClassyTaxi Android app now lives here.
      • The ClassyTaxi read-only web app now lives here.
      • The ClassyTaxi server implementation now lives here.
  • 2019-10-10
    • Remove apps that do not support Google Play Billing Library 2.0 or newer. The AIDL and older versions of the Google Play Billing Library are deprecated. The old samples are available on GitHub at the following links:
  • 2019-01-16
    • Publish TrivialDriveKotlin: Kotlin sample
  • 2018-05-03
    • Publish ClassyTaxi: Subscriptions sample
  • 2017-07-12
    • Publish TrivialDrive_v2: Billing Library 1.0 sample
  • 2015-09-18
    • Initial repo port to GitHub
    • TrivialDrive: AIDL sample


Samples for Google Play In-app Billing

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