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A Minecraft Launcher which is multi-functional, cross-platform and popular

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HMCL is a Minecraft launcher which supports Mod management, game customizing, auto installing(Forge, LiteLoader and OptiFine), modpack creating, UI customizing and so on.

No plugin API is provided.


The software is distributed under GPL v3 with additional terms.

Additional terms under GPLv3 Section 7

  1. When you distribute a modified version of the software, you must change the software name or the version number in a reasonable way in order to distinguish it from the original version. [under GPLv3, 7(c).]

    The software name and the version number can be edited here.

  2. You must not remove the copyright declaration displayed in the software. [under GPLv3, 7(b).]

Chinese Translation:

附加条款(依据 GPLv3 协议第七条)

  1. 当你分发本程序的修改版本时,你必须以一种合理的方式修改本程序的名称或版本号,以示其与原始版本不同。[依据 GPLv3, 7(c).]


  2. 你不得移除本程序所显示的版权声明。[依据 GPLv3, 7(b).]


If you want to submit a pull request, there're some requirements:

  • IDE: Intellij IDEA.
  • Compiler: Java 1.8.
  • Do NOT modify gradle files.

JVM Options (for debugging)

Parameter Description
-Dhmcl.self_integrity_check.disable=true Bypass the self integrity check when checking for update.
-Dhmcl.version.override=<version> Override the version number.
-Dhmcl.update_source.override=<url> Override the update source.
-Dhmcl.authlibinjector.location=<path> Use specified authlib-injector (instead of downloading one).


A Minecraft Launcher which is multi-functional, cross-platform and popular

License:GNU General Public License v3.0


Language:Java 97.3%Language:CSS 1.9%Language:C++ 0.6%Language:HTML 0.2%Language:C 0.1%