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Incremental Backup - Restore from Remote failed

eboppel opened this issue · comments

Describe the bug
When trying to restore a website from AWS, I get the error "Operation Failed! Could not connect to server, please refresh this page". I am able to create an incremental backup to AWS successfully and the backup does appear in AWS. The problem is when I attempt to restore the website, it won't connect and fetch the restore points.

This is a completely fresh install of CyberPanel v2.1.2, absolutely nothing has been configured (except for the 1 website and AWS credentials). There is no firewall active and no configurations have been changed.

After trying many things unsuccessfully, I tried re-installing CyberPanel to version 2.1.1 and everything worked perfectly, I was able to create a backup and restore it again, therefore ruling out server or firewall issues. I then upgraded CyberPanel to the newest version, and the problem returned.

To Reproduce
What steps did you take when the issue occurred?

  1. Click on "Incremental Backup" tab
  2. Click on "Restore from Remote"
  3. Select the website, destination (AWS) and enter password

Expected behavior
Connect to AWS and fetch all restore points in order to restore website.

Screenshot attached
video: [(]

Operating system:
Ubuntu 20.04

CyberPanel version:

Additional context


Will try to reproduce and get back to you.

We've tried but can not reproduce this bug on our end.

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