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Hydejack Starter Kit

A quicker, cleaner way to get started blogging with Hydejack.

Quick Start

Running locally

  1. Clone repository (git users), or download and unzip.
  2. Open terminal, cd into root directory (where _config.yml is located)
  3. bundle install 1
  4. bundle exec jekyll serve
  5. Open http://localhost:4000/hydejack-starter-kit/

GitHub Pages

  1. Fork this repository.
  2. Go to Settings, rename repository to <your github username>.github.io (without the < >)
  3. Edit _config.yml (you can do this directly on GitHub)
    1. Change url to https://<your github username>.github.io (without the < >)
    2. Change baseurl to '' (empty string)
    3. Commit changes.
  4. Go to Settings again, look for GitHub Pages, set Source to master branch.
  5. Click Save and wait for GitHub to set up your new blag.

What's next?

  • Open files and read the comments
  • Read the docs
  • Buy the PRO version to get the project and resume layout, newsletter subscription box, custom forms, and more.


  1. Requires Bundler. Install with gem install bundler.

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