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Face Parsing [ hard ROI context ]

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Face Parsing

Implementation of a one-stage Face Parsing model using Unet architecture.
The face is divided into 10 classes (background, eyes, nose, lips, ear, hair, teeth, eyebrows, general face, beard).
This results in regions of interest that are difficult to segment. We address this problem by implementing different loss functions:

  • Tversky focal loss
  • Weighted Cross entropy
  • α-balanced focal loss

The latter leads to a better accuracy of 0.90 (IOU-train) and 0.72 (IOU-test) for the non fine-tuned model, with a Unet-16 driven on 1 gpu.


Language version : Python 3.7.6
Operating System : MacOS Catalina 10.15.4
Framework: Pytorch


We can observe the probability map for each channel.
It allows us to estimate how much a pixel belongs to a specific part of the face.

Segmentation sample:

Getting Started

Install dependencies:

# use a virtual-env to keep your packages unchanged
>> pip install -r requirements.txt

Train the model:

# Train the model
>> ./main.py


from src.model import Unet
from src.framework import Context

img = "./img_relative_path.png"

# load model
model = torch.load("my_model.pt", map_location=torch.device('cpu'))
# create context
ctx = Context()
# predict
yhat = ctx.predict(model, img, plot=True)



Face Parsing [ hard ROI context ]


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