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Tubular .NET Library

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Tubular DotNet

Tubular provides .NET Framework and .NET Core Library to create REST service to use with Tubular Angular Components easily with any WebApi library (ASP.NET Web API for example).

Please visit the Tubular GitHub Page to learn how quickly you can start coding. See Related projects below to discover more Tubular libraries and backend solutions.


PM> Install-Package Tubular.ServerSide


You can check out the Tubular GitHub Page to get a few examples. We still need to work on more samples and better documentation, but we feel what we have now will get you up to speed very quickly :).

The following snippet shows how to use Tubular Helper to create a basic response grid using Entity Framework and ASP.NET Web API.

 public class UsersController : ApiController
     [HttpPost, Route("paged")]
     public IHttpActionResult GridData([FromBody] GridDataRequest request)
         using (var context = new SampleDbContext(false)) {
             return Ok(request.CreateGridDataResponse(context.SystemUsers));


Tubular .NET Library

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