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Mac OS X Screen Saver powered by a Web View

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A Mac OS X screen saver that displays a web page or a series of web pages.

The web page runs as though you opened it in Safari, but it will not accept any keyboard or mouse input. The list of URLs it will can be set via the "Options..." panel in the Screen Saver settings.


  1. Download from https://github.com/liquidx/webviewscreensaver/releases
  2. Unpack the WebViewScreenSaver-x.x.zip file.
  3. Double-click (Open) the WebViewScreenSaver.saver file and choose to install it.
  4. Open up System Preferences > Desktop and Screen Saver > Screen Saver
  5. Select "WebViewScreenSaver" (It'll be at the bottom of the Screen Savers list.)
  6. Press "Screen Saver Options" and enter the URLs you would like it to load and the duration they should show for in minutes.

Example URLs

Websites that look good as screensavers:

Cool, but they don't work in Safari WebKit


Mac OS X Screen Saver powered by a Web View



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