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An implementation of the Language Server Protocol for Python

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Python Language Server

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A Python 2.7 and 3.4+ implementation of the Language Server Protocol.

Feature Providers

  • Jedi for Completions, Definitions, Hover, References, Signature Help, and Symbols
  • Rope for Completions and renaming
  • Pyflakes linter to detect various errors
  • McCabe linter for complexity checking
  • pycodestyle linter for style checking
  • pydocstyle linter for docstring style checking
  • YAPF for code formatting

3rd Party Plugins

Installing these plugins will add extra functionality to the language server:


Configuration is loaded from zero or more configuration sources. Currently implemented are:

  • pycodestyle: discovered in ~/.config/pycodestyle, setup.cfg, tox.ini and pycodestyle.cfg.
  • flake8: discovered in ~/.config/flake8, setup.cfg, tox.ini and flake8.cfg

The default configuration source is pycodestyle. Change the pyls.configurationSources setting to ['flake8'] in order to respect flake8 configuration instead.

Overall configuration is computed first from user configuration (in home directory), overridden by configuration passed in by the language client, and then overriden by configuration discovered in the workspace.

Language Server Features

Auto Completion:


Code Linting with pycodestyle and pyflakes:


Signature Help:


Go to definition:




Find References:


Document Symbols:


Document Formatting:



pip install python-language-server


To run the test suite:

pip install .[test] && tox

Develop against VS Code

The Python language server can be developed against a local instance of Visual Studio Code.

  1. Install VSCode for Mac
  2. From within VSCode View -> Command Palette, then type shell and run install 'code' command in PATH
# Setup a virtual env
virtualenv env
. env/bin/activate

# Install pyls
pip install .

# Install the vscode-client extension
cd vscode-client
npm install .

# Run VSCode which is configured to use pyls
# See the bottom of vscode-client/src/extension.ts for info
npm run vscode -- $PWD/../

Then to debug, click View -> Output and in the dropdown will be pyls. To refresh VSCode, press Cmd + r


This project is made available under the MIT License.


An implementation of the Language Server Protocol for Python

License:MIT License


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