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QWidget based Text Editor Component for Qt. Multi-caret, Textmate grammar and highlighting support.

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Edbee is a Qt based Editor Component. It supports Multiple-carets, Textmate Scoping/Grammar and Highlighting support.

The base class of edbee is a QWidget, it has been written from scratch and is not based on the Qt default editor components.

Screenshot of the example application

The main website for edbee is at http://edbee.net/ You can find the generated documentation at http://docs.edbee.net/

This repository is a clean extraction of the previous edbee monolithical repository. This library doesn't contain any data files. Using it should become as easy as the following example:

#include "edbee/edbee.h"
edbee::TextEditorWidget* widget =  new edbee::TextEditorWidget();

Unfortunately we're not at this point yet. Currently the edbee library will not function without loading a default keymap file.


Using the component is pretty easy. First you must setup the edbee environment. This process is required to make the library know the location of the settings files:

#include "edbee/edbee.h"

// get the edbee instance
edbee::Edbee* tm = edbee::Edbee::instance();

// configure your paths
tm->setKeyMapPath( "location/of/your/keymap/");
tm->setGrammarPath(  "location/of/your/syntaxfiles/" );
tm->setThemePath( "location/of/your/themes/" );

// initialize the library

// by registering a shutdown function on application exit you don't have to destroy the edbee
// resources yourself. It will result in a clean shutdown

After that you're ready to go. You can create a widget like this:

edbee::TextEditorWidget* widget =  new edbee::TextEditorWidget();

Of course it would also be nice to fill the editor with a file. you can use the included serializer for this.

#include "edbee/io/textdocumentserializer.h"
#include "edbee/texteditorwidget.h"

edbee::TextEditorWidget* widget =  new edbee::TextEditorWidget();
edbee::TextDocumentSerializer serializer( widget->textDocument() );
if( !serializer.load( "your-filename.rb" ) ) {
    QMessageBox::warning(this, tr("Error opening file"), tr("Error opening file!\n%1").arg(serializer.errorString()) );

After loading the textfile it is nice to detect the grammar/language of this file. The edbee library uses an extension based file-type detection. Of course you can also plugin your own.

#include "edbee/edbee.h"
#include "edbee/models/textdocument.h"
#include "edbee/models/textgrammar.h"
#include "edbee/texteditorwidget.h"

TextGrammarManager* grammarManager = edbee::Edbee::instance()->grammarManager();
TextGrammar* grammar = grammarManager->detectGrammarWithFilename( "a-ruby-file.rb" );
widget->textDocument()->setLanguagGrammar( grammar );

Auto Complete

Edbee supports autocomplete. Currently it's very limited, but the groundwork has been done for supporting more advanced autocompletions.

Auto Complete works by querying autocomplete providers (TextAutoCompleteProvider). It has a TextAutoCompleteProviderList on TextDocument level and globally via the Edbee::instance() level.

Currently only the StringTextAutoCompleteProvider is implemented. You can add an autocomplete list on the document-level and the edbeel level.

Ideas for the future

  • It should use Fuzzy search
  • Words should get a priority and should be sorted witht this priority
  • Providers based on existing words in the current TextDocument. (This requires some smart non-ui-blocking word-list building)
  • Provider based on the current scope. Keywords depending on active TextDocumentScopes (language specific/context specific lists)
  • Supporting textmate/sublime like snippets (with tab stops)

Currently you can set the keywords List like this:

#include "edbee/models/textautocompleteprovider.h"

StringTextAutoCompleteProvider* provider = new StringTextAutoCompleteProvider();
// etc ...

// to add it Locally (specific to the given document)

// to add it Globally:

Known Issues

  • items aren't sorted yet (this should be priority sort)
  • Currently the position of the autcomplete window isnt' very smart. (especially at the bottom and side of the document)
  • Backspace hides the window

Tips and Tricks

Object-name conflicts

When you're QT projects uses for example util.cpp you can get an object-file collission. (Makefile: Warning: overriding commands for target util.o). A workaround for this is appending the following lines in your (OBJECTS_DIR is optional, but prevents a warning when running QMAKE)

CONFIG += object_parallel_to_source in your .pro file
OBJECTS_DIR = objects

Known Issues and Missing Features

  • The editor doesn't support word-wrapping. (yet)
  • It has issues with long lines. The cause of this is the nature of QTextLayout and the support of variable font sizes. In the future this can be fixed for monospaced fonts.
  • Optimalisations for better render support and background calculate/paint-ahead functionality
  • I really want to build in scripting support, for extending the editor with plugins.


You can contribute via github

  • Fork it
  • Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  • Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Added some feature')
  • Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  • Create new Pull Request

Of course you can also contribute by contacting me via twitter @gamecreature or drop me al message via the email-address supplied at https://github.com/gamecreature


Though we have our own issue-tracker at ( http://issues.edbee.net/ ), you can report your problems via the github issue tracker or send me a message https://github.com/gamecreature


QWidget based Text Editor Component for Qt. Multi-caret, Textmate grammar and highlighting support.



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