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X11 status bar with beveled borders

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Draw an X11 status bar with fancy schmancy 1985-ish beveled borders. It
can display plain text or farbfeld images.


The following C libraries are required:

    - libx11
    - libxft
    - libxrandr

The program expects to be run on a POSIX-ish operating system.

To build the program and install it to /usr/local:

    $ make
    # make install


The program waits for input on STDIN. Hence, you must combine it with
some other program which creates said input:

    $ other_program | while sleep 0.1; do bevelbar $args; done

For a brief description of the input format and $args, please refer to
the manpage or example-run.sh.

bevelbar does not handle changes to your screen layout. When you add,
remove or rearrange monitors, you have to restart the program. This is
why I'm using a while-loop in the example above -- you can then simply
issue a "killall bevelbar".


X11 status bar with beveled borders


License:MIT License


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