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Pass code lock screen, otp

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BDPassCodeView is a Objective C custom passcode lock view and otp enterview. which support 4 digit and 6 digit passcode lock and OTP enter screen.


  • 4 Digit Passcode Lock.
  • 6 Digit Passcode Lock.
  • 4 Digit OTP enter screen.
  • 6 Digit OTP enter screen.
  • Timer feature to auto lock enable.


How To Use

import BDPassCodeView file like

#import "BDPassCodeView.h"

Set new Passcode

Set new passcode for first time use this code snippet [BDPassCodeView setBDPasscodeDelegate:(id)self]; [BDPassCodeView saveApplicationPasscodelength: PasscodeLengthFourDigit]; [BDPassCodeView showPasscodeViewWithType:PassCodeTypeNew];


To set passcode programmatically use this code snippet [BDPassCodeView setBDPasscodeDelegate:(id)self]; [BDPassCodeView saveApplicationPasscodelength:PasscodeLengthFourDigit]; [BDPassCodeView saveApplicationPasscode:];

Check for Passcode

[BDPassCodeView showPasscodeViewWithType:PassCodeTypeCheck];


This method check already passcode is set for the app otherwise it will try to set a new passcode. Generally implement this in applicationDidBecomeActive method of AppDelegate. And check there if passcode is set already depending on requirment.

Force lock application with passcode

To lock application with passcode use this code snippet [BDPassCodeView resetLastPassCodeEnterTime]; [BDPassCodeView setBDPasscodeDelegate:(id)self]; [BDPassCodeView showPasscodeViewWithType:PassCodeTypeCheck];

OTP enter screen

To enter OTP use this code snippet [BDPassCodeView setBDPasscodeDelegate:(id)self]; [BDPassCodeView showPasscodeViewWithType:PassCodeTypeSixDigitOTP];

Delegate Methods

get notified after setting up new passcode, successfully validate passcode and after OTP enter.

- (void)_BDPasscodeEnterSuccessfullyCompleteForPassCodeType:(PassCodeType)passcodeType withEnteredValue:(NSString *)enteredValueString

get notified if reset passcode or reset OTP pressed.



Bhaskar Jyoti Das



BDCustomAlert is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


Pass code lock screen, otp

License:MIT License


Language:Objective-C 100.0%