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📈📊🚀🚀🚀An elegant and friendly data visualization chart framework for Apple developers . Extremely powerful ,supports line, spline, area, areaspline, column, bar, pie, scatter, angular gauges, arearange, areasplinerange, columnrange, bubble, box plot, error bars, funnel, waterfall and polar chart types.极其精美而又强大的跨平台数据可视化图表框架,支持柱状图、条形图、折线图、曲线图、折线填充图、曲线填充图、气泡图、扇形图、环形图、散点图、雷达图、混合图等各种类型的多达几十种的信息图图表,完全满足工作所需.

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The Swift version of AAChartKit can be found here:



AAChartKit is an elegant and friendly (user-friendly && enviroment-friendly) chart framework for iOS, based on the open source Highcharts JS libraries. AAChartKit is extremely powerful, easy to configure and a pleasure to use. Currently AAChartKit includes support for the following chart types: column chart, bar chart, area chart, area spline chart, line chart, spline chart, radar chart, polar chart, pie chart, bubble chart, pyramid chart, funnel chart, column range and area range chart. More chart types are planned to be supported. AAChartKit gives you easy and fast access to a wide range of chart types, hassle-free and quick to integrate into your own project.


  • 🎂 Environment friendly. Support iOS 、 iPadOS、tvOS and macOS. Totally support Objective-C language, and there are more types version such as Swift language version AAInfographics 、 Java language version AAChartCore 、Kotlin language version AAInfographics . To get more details you can see the source code links list.

  • 🚀 Powerful and easy to use. It supports column chart, bar chart, area chart, areaspline chart, line chart, spline chart, radar chart, polar chart, pie chart, bubble chart, pyramid chart, funnel chart, columnrange chart, arearange chart, mixed chart and other graphics. Support for more chart types is planned.

  • 📝 Modern Declarative Syntax. Unlike previous imperative programming techniques, drawing any custom chart in AAChartKit, you don't need to care about the inner implementation details which is annoying && boring. Describe what you want, you will get what you described.

  • 🎮 Interactive and animated. The charts animation effect is exquisite, delicate, smooth and beautiful.

  • ⛓ Chain programming. Supports chain programming syntax like Masonry .

  • 🦋 Minimalist. AAChartView + AAChartModel = Chart. The AAChartKit follows a minimalist formula: Chart view + Chart model = The chart you want, just like the powerful and beautiful charts lib AAInfographics.

  • 🖱 Interaction event callback. Support for monitoring user click events and single finger move over events, which can be used to achieve double charts linked-working and even multiple charts linkage, as well as other more complex custom user interaction effects.

Beauty Appreciation

Column Chart Column Range Chart Area Chart
image1 image1 image1
Line Chart Step Area Chart Step Line Chart
image1 image1 image1
Spline Chart Areaspline Chart Stacked Polar Chart
image1 image1 image1
Bubble Chart Arearange Average Value Chart Column Mixed Line Chart
image1 image1 image1
Scatter Chart Boxplot Chart Mirror Column Chart
image1 image1 image1


CocoaPods (recommend)

  1. Add following content
pod 'AAChartKit', :git => 'https://github.com/AAChartModel/AAChartKit.git'

to your Podfile.

  1. Run pod install or pod update.

Manually (old school way)

  1. Drag the AAChartKitLib folder into your project.

  2. Add the following to your .pch file.

#import "AAGlobalMacro.h"


  1. Add the following to your view controller file:
#import "AAChartKit.h"
  1. Create an instance object of chart view:AAChartView
CGFloat chartViewWidth  = self.view.frame.size.width;
CGFloat chartViewHeight = self.view.frame.size.height-250;
_aaChartView = [[AAChartView alloc]init];
_aaChartView.frame = CGRectMake(0, 60, chartViewWidth, chartViewHeight);
//_aaChartView.scrollEnabled = NO;
//// set the content height of aaChartView
// _aaChartView.contentHeight = chartViewHeight;
[self.view addSubview:_aaChartView];
  1. Configure the chart model properties: AAChartModel
AAChartModel *aaChartModel= AAObject(AAChartModel)
.subtitleSet(@"Virtual Data")
.categoriesSet(@[@"Java",@"Swift",@"Python",@"Ruby", @"PHP",@"Go",@"C",@"C#",@"C++"])
.yAxisTitleSet(@"Degrees Celsius")
        .dataSet(@[@7.0, @6.9, @9.5, @14.5, @18.2, @21.5, @25.2, @26.5, @23.3, @18.3, @13.9, @9.6]),
        .dataSet(@[@0.2, @0.8, @5.7, @11.3, @17.0, @22.0, @24.8, @24.1, @20.1, @14.1, @8.6, @2.5]),
        .dataSet(@[@0.9, @0.6, @3.5, @8.4, @13.5, @17.0, @18.6, @17.9, @14.3, @9.0, @3.9, @1.0]),
        .dataSet(@[@3.9, @4.2, @5.7, @8.5, @11.9, @15.2, @17.0, @16.6, @14.2, @10.3, @6.6, @4.8]),
  1. Draw the chart (this method is only called the first time you create an AAChartView instance object)
//The chart view object calls the instance object of AAChartModel and draws the final graphic
[_aaChartView aa_drawChartWithChartModel:aaChartModel];

🎉🎉🎉 Congratulations! Everything was done!!! You will get what you want!!! 🌈🌈🌈

Update chart content

if you want to refresh chart content,you should do something as follow.According to your actual needs, select the function that fits you.

  • Refresh the chart data (this method is recommended for updating the series data dynamically)
//Refresh the chart dynamically only when the series attribute of the AAChartModel object is updated
[_aaChartView aa_onlyRefreshTheChartDataWithChartModelSeries:aaChartModelSeriesArray];
  • Refresh the chart, minus the chart data (this method is recommended for subsequent refreshes after the first drawing of graphics has completed. If you want to update the chart data only, you should use the function aa_onlyRefreshTheChartDataWithChartModelSeries)
//Refresh the chart after the AAChartModel content is updated
[_aaChartView aa_refreshChartWithChartModel:aaChartModel];


  • line chart


  • column chart


  •  bar chart


  • special area chart one


  • special area chart two


  • special area chart three


  • radar chart


  • polar chart


  • pie chart


  • bubble chart


  • scatter chart

scatter chart

  • arearange chart

arearange chart

  • step area chart

step area chart

  • mixed chart

mixed chart

More graphics

  • Note: The following DEMO picture is a GIF dynamic picture which has a size of around 6M. If you don't see any dynamic preview, then this is because the picture resources were not fully loaded. In such a case please be patient and wait for the contents to finish loading. Maybe you need to reload this page.


Special instructions

Support user click events and move over events

you can monitor the user touch events message through implementing delegate function for AAChartView instance object

 //Set AAChartView events delegate
 self.aaChartView.delegate = self;
 //set AAChartModel support user touch event

 //implement AAChartView user touch events delegate function
 #pragma mark -- AAChartView delegate
 - (void)aaChartView:(AAChartView *)aaChartView moveOverEventWithMessage:(AAMoveOverEventMessageModel *)message {
 NSLog(@"🚀selected point series element name: %@",message.name);

The received touch events message contain following content

@interface AAMoveOverEventMessageModel : NSObject

@property (nonatomic, copy)   NSString *name; 
@property (nonatomic, strong) NSNumber *x; 
@property (nonatomic, strong) NSNumber *y;
@property (nonatomic, copy)   NSString *category;
@property (nonatomic, strong) NSDictionary *offset;
@property (nonatomic, assign) NSUInteger index;


Support for custom the style of chart AATooltip through JavaScript function

As we all know, AAChartKit support using HTML String. Most of time, the headerFormat 、pointFormat、footerFormat HTML string is enough for customizing chart tooltip string content, However, sometimes the needs of APP is so weird to satified, in this time, you can even customize the chart tooltip style via formatter JavaScript function.

For example

  • configuring AATooltip instance object properties as follow:
 /*Custom Tooltip Style ---*/
    AATooltip *tooltip = aaOptions.tooltip;
    .formatterSet(@AAJSFunc(function () {
        return ' 🌕 🌖 🌗 🌘 🌑 🌒 🌓 🌔 <br/> '
        + ' Support JavaScript Function Just Right Now !!! <br/> '
        + ' The Gold Price For <b>2020 '
        +  this.x
        + ' </b> Is <b> '
        +  this.y
        + ' </b> Dollars ';

you can get the customized tooltip style chart like this👇

  • configuring AATooltip instance object properties as follow:
 .formatterSet(@AAJSFunc(function () {
     let colorsArr = [];
     let wholeContentString ='<span style=\"' + 'color:lightGray; font-size:13px\"' + '>◉ Time: ' + this.x + ' year</span><br/>';
     for (let i = 0;i < 4;i++) {
         let thisPoint = this.points[i];
         let yValue = thisPoint.y;
         if (yValue != 0) {
             let spanStyleStartStr = '<span style=\"' + 'color:'+ colorsArr[i] + '; font-size:13px\"' + '>◉ ';
             let spanStyleEndStr = '</span> <br/>';
             wholeContentString += spanStyleStartStr + thisPoint.series.name + ': ' + thisPoint.y + '℃' + spanStyleEndStr;
     return wholeContentString;

you can get the customized tooltip style chart like this👇

Support value range segmentation

  • chart with value range segmentation bands 🎀 plotBandsChart

  • chart with value range segmentation lines 🧶 plotLinesChart

  • chart with value range segmentation zones 🧱 seriesZonesChart

Supported chart types for now

typedef NSString *AAChartType;

AACHARTKIT_EXTERN AAChartType const AAChartTypeColumn;          //column chart
AACHARTKIT_EXTERN AAChartType const AAChartTypeBar;             //bar chart
AACHARTKIT_EXTERN AAChartType const AAChartTypeArea;            //area chart
AACHARTKIT_EXTERN AAChartType const AAChartTypeAreaspline;      //area spline chart
AACHARTKIT_EXTERN AAChartType const AAChartTypeLine;            //line chart
AACHARTKIT_EXTERN AAChartType const AAChartTypeSpline;          //spline chart
AACHARTKIT_EXTERN AAChartType const AAChartTypeScatter;         //scatter chart
AACHARTKIT_EXTERN AAChartType const AAChartTypePie;             //pie chart
AACHARTKIT_EXTERN AAChartType const AAChartTypeBubble;          //bubble chart
AACHARTKIT_EXTERN AAChartType const AAChartTypePyramid;         //pyramid chart
AACHARTKIT_EXTERN AAChartType const AAChartTypeFunnel;          //funnel chart
AACHARTKIT_EXTERN AAChartType const AAChartTypeColumnrange;     //column range chart
AACHARTKIT_EXTERN AAChartType const AAChartTypeArearange;       //area range chart
AACHARTKIT_EXTERN AAChartType const AAChartTypeAreasplinerange; //area spline range chart
AACHARTKIT_EXTERN AAChartType const AAChartTypeBoxplot;         //box plot chart
AACHARTKIT_EXTERN AAChartType const AAChartTypeWaterfall;       //Waterfall chart
AACHARTKIT_EXTERN AAChartType const AAChartTypePolygon;         //polygon chart

Supported zoom guesture types for now

typedef NSString *AAChartZoomType;

AACHARTKIT_EXTERN AAChartZoomType const AAChartZoomTypeNone;
AACHARTKIT_EXTERN AAChartZoomType const AAChartZoomTypeX;
AACHARTKIT_EXTERN AAChartZoomType const AAChartZoomTypeY;
AACHARTKIT_EXTERN AAChartZoomType const AAChartZoomTypeXY;

Supported animation types for now

typedef NS_ENUM(NSInteger,AAChartAnimation) {
    AAChartAnimationLinear = 0,

Here are the ten concrete animation types of AAChartKit

Back Bounce Circ Cubic Elastic
Expo Quad Quart Quint Sine

AAChartModel:chart attribute list

AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(copy,   AAChartModel, NSString *, title);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(copy,   AAChartModel, NSNumber *, titleFontSize);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(copy,   AAChartModel, NSString *, titleFontColor);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(copy,   AAChartModel, NSString *, titleFontWeight);

AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(copy,   AAChartModel, NSString *, subtitle);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(copy,   AAChartModel, NSNumber *, subtitleFontSize);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(copy,   AAChartModel, NSString *, subtitleFontColor);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(copy,   AAChartModel, NSString *, subtitleFontWeight);

AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(strong, AAChartModel, NSArray  *, series);

AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(copy,   AAChartModel, AAChartSubtitleAlignType, subtitleAlign);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(copy,   AAChartModel, AAChartType,              chartType);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(copy,   AAChartModel, AAChartStackingType,      stacking);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(copy,   AAChartModel, AAChartSymbolType,        symbol);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(assign, AAChartModel, AAChartSymbolStyleType,   symbolStyle);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(copy,   AAChartModel, AAChartZoomType,          zoomType);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(assign, AAChartModel, AAChartAnimation,         animationType);

AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(strong, AAChartModel, NSNumber *, animationDuration);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(assign, AAChartModel, BOOL,       inverted);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(assign, AAChartModel, BOOL,       xAxisReversed);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(assign, AAChartModel, BOOL,       yAxisReversed);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(assign, AAChartModel, BOOL,       gradientColorEnabled);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(assign, AAChartModel, BOOL,       polar);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(assign, AAChartModel, BOOL,       dataLabelEnabled);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(copy,   AAChartModel, NSString *, dataLabelFontColor);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(strong, AAChartModel, NSNumber *, dataLabelFontSize);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(copy,   AAChartModel, NSString *, dataLabelFontWeight);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(assign, AAChartModel, BOOL,       xAxisLabelsEnabled);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(copy,   AAChartModel, NSNumber *, xAxisLabelsFontSize);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(copy,   AAChartModel, NSString *, xAxisLabelsFontColor);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(copy,   AAChartModel, NSString *, xAxisLabelsFontWeight);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(strong, AAChartModel, NSArray  *, categories);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(strong, AAChartModel, NSNumber *, xAxisGridLineWidth);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(strong, AAChartModel, NSNumber *, xAxisTickInterval);

AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(assign, AAChartModel, BOOL,       xAxisVisible);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(assign, AAChartModel, BOOL,       yAxisVisible);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(assign, AAChartModel, BOOL,       yAxisLabelsEnabled);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(copy,   AAChartModel, NSString *, yAxisTitle);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(copy,   AAChartModel, NSNumber *, yAxisLabelsFontSize);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(copy,   AAChartModel, NSString *, yAxisLabelsFontColor);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(copy,   AAChartModel, NSString *, yAxisLabelsFontWeight);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(strong, AAChartModel, NSNumber *, yAxisGridLineWidth);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(strong, AAChartModel, NSArray     <NSString *>*, colorsTheme);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(copy,   AAChartModel, NSString *, backgroundColor);

AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(assign, AAChartModel, BOOL,       tooltipEnabled);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(copy,   AAChartModel, NSString *, tooltipValueSuffix);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(copy  , AAChartModel, NSString *, tooltipValueString);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(assign, AAChartModel, BOOL,       tooltipCrosshairs);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(assign, AAChartModel, BOOL,       connectNulls);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(assign, AAChartModel, BOOL,       legendEnabled);

AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(strong, AAChartModel, NSNumber *, borderRadius);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(strong, AAChartModel, NSNumber *, markerRadius);

AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(assign, AAChartModel, BOOL,       yAxisAllowDecimals);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(strong, AAChartModel, NSArray  *, yAxisPlotLines);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(strong, AAChartModel, NSNumber *, yAxisMax);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(strong, AAChartModel, NSNumber *, yAxisMin);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(strong, AAChartModel, NSArray  *, yAxisTickPositions);
AAPropStatementAndPropSetFuncStatement(copy,   AAChartModel, NSString *, zoomResetButtonText);

Created By:

An An

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Source Code⛓

Language Version Project Name Target Platform Source Code Link
Swift AAInfographics iOS https://github.com/AAChartModel/AAChartKit-Swift
Objective C AAChartKit iOS https://github.com/AAChartModel/AAChartKit
Kotlin AAInfographics Android https://github.com/AAChartModel/AAChartCore-Kotlin
Java AAChartCore Android https://github.com/AAChartModel/AAChartCore


AAChartKit is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more information.


To-Do list

  • Support user to add delegate events after the graphics content loading was completed
  • Support graphics to refresh global content dynamically
  • Support graphics to refresh pure data (series) content dynamically
  • Support graphics to refresh pure data in real time and scroll dynamically
  • Support color layer gradient effects
  • Support 3D graphics effects, valid only for partial graphics such as column chart、bar chart、pie charts、scatterplot chart、bubble chart, etc.
  • Support CocoaPods
  • Support Carthage
  • Support setting graphics rendering animation freely
  • Support user to configure AAOptions model object properties freely
  • Support stacking the graphics
  • Support reversing the graphics axis
  • Support rendering scatter chart
  • Support rendering column range map
  • Support rendering area range graph
  • Support rendering the polar chart
  • Support rendering the step line chart
  • Support rendering the step area chart
  • Support rendering the Nightingale rose 🌹chart
  • Support rendering the circular progress bar chart
  • Support adding clicked event callbacks for graphics
  • Support code coverage test


📈📊🚀🚀🚀An elegant and friendly data visualization chart framework for Apple developers . Extremely powerful ,supports line, spline, area, areaspline, column, bar, pie, scatter, angular gauges, arearange, areasplinerange, columnrange, bubble, box plot, error bars, funnel, waterfall and polar chart types.极其精美而又强大的跨平台数据可视化图表框架,支持柱状图、条形图、折线图、曲线图、折线填充图、曲线填充图、气泡图、扇形图、环形图、散点图、雷达图、混合图等各种类型的多达几十种的信息图图表,完全满足工作所需.

License:MIT License


Language:Objective-C 95.0%Language:HTML 4.8%Language:Ruby 0.2%