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Spanish Translation Progress

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Work in Progress

Hi @laurosilvacom, I would love to translate the HOC.md page.

Can I take MIGRATING.md?

@dantehemerson @hlebon go for it! Fell free to move as a fast as you want, create a PR when you have it.

Hi @laurosilvacom, I would like to help with the Basic Guide (README.md)

It's yours @carburo. Thanks for volunteering to help out!

@laurosilvacom Hey Lauro! I can take the contributors.md :) !

@dantehemerson @hlebon how's the translation going? Do you need any help?

Hi @laurosilvacom, today I will be working on the Section 2: Excluding Props to finish the translation. Thanks.

Hi @laurosilvacom, yesterday I created a PR.

@laurosilvacom please review my PR.