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1. What is it ?

Utuputki is a communal LAN-party Screen management software. Users may queue youtube-videos to playlist, which the player then shows on the screen in order.

2. Installation


The following libraries are needed: Python3 development libraries PyParsing Sqlite3 youtube-dl VLC

On Debian you can install them like this:

apt install python3-dev python3-pyparsing libsqlite3-dev vlc

There's a Debian package of youtube-dl. Don't use it, it's out of date and will fail to download most videos. Use pip3:

pip3 install youtube-dl


cd binaries

Add -j to taste. Do not use -j when compiling on Raspberry Pi, it uses too much memory.

3. Configuration

Utuputki looks for configuration file utuputki.conf in current directory. Defaults are used if it's not found. There's an example in utuputki.conf.dist.

4. Running

Make sure the cache directory exists.

Just run the compiled binary. It's entirely self-contained.

Send SIGINT (Ctrl-C) to terminate. Once terminates at the end of current video, twice terminates immediately. Use SIGHUP to re-execute instead after update or config change. Alt-F4 will kill the VLC but doesn't terminate the player.

5. Using nginx proxy

DO NOT RUN UTUPUTKI AS ROOT! If you want to run on port 80 use an nginx proxy. There's an example config in nginx.conf.dist. It sets the proxy headers so users are counted correctly. Make sure your forwarders IP address is in utuputki.conf. The default should be enough

6. License

Code is under MIT. See LICENSE in the repository root.

Code copyright by Turo Lamminen 2019

Standby image copyright by Tuomas Virtanen 2015

Foreign code under foreign may have different license. Consult their documentation.

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