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OpenOMF is a Open Source remake of "One Must Fall 2097" by Diversions Entertainment. Since the original DOS game from 1994 still uses IPX networking and is a pain to set up, the community needed a better solution to keep playing the game we love. Together with networking, we try to make it easier to play One Must Fall in original glory on multiple platforms (Linux, Mac OSX, Windows, BSD to name a few).

For mode detailed information about the project, please see http://www.openomf.org/.


For installing & compiling, please see INSTALL.md.


OpenOMF is developed under the MIT License. Please read LICENSE for more information.


You may submit patches to this project by forking this repository and making a pull request. If you want to become a regular contributor, please contact us on #omf on irc.freenode.net. We appreciate all kinds of contributions, whether it's big or small. We also very enthusiastically welcome bug tickets and improvement suggestions on our bug tracker.

You may also support us by donating via paypal. For that, please see http://www.openomf.org/.


Join us on #omf on irc.freenode.net !

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One Must Fall 2097 Remake

License:MIT License


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