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Find CVE PoCs on GitHub

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The centerpiece of the Trickest CVE project; finds CVE PoCs on Github.


From binary

Download a prebuilt binary from the releases page and unzip it.

From source

Go version 1.17 is recommended.

go install -v


docker pull

Command line options

  -query-string string
    	GraphQL search query
  -query-file string
    	File to read GraphQL search query from
    	Automatically adjust time delay between requests
  -delay int
    	Time delay after every GraphQL request [ms]
    	Don't print JSON output to stdout
  -token-string string
    	Github token
  -token-file string
    	File to read Github token from
  -o string
    	Output file name

Query examples

  • cve-2022
  • cve-2022-1234
  • jenkins

Note on Results

Depending on the search query, the results will most likely contain a few false positives (either PoCs of other CVEs or irrelevant repositories). Find-gh-poc outputs all of the query results without (currently) trying to filter them. We recommend that you use the results as a starting point and do your own filtering as you see fit for your use case.