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The list of things I do to setup a new MacOS laptop

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While this started as just a text document to catalog the items that I need for a fresh laptop install is has now become an actual script! This was inspired by this post as I was already using Homebrew for some items.

MacOS Setup

  • Enable all trackpad gestures
  • iCloud Login
  • Login to Google Accounts
    • Personal
    • Work
  • MacOS Software Updates
  • App Store Updates
  • Open up Photo's and turn on iCloud Photo Library
  • Open up Messages and turn on iCloud Messages
  • Turn on Unlock with Apple Watch
  • Finder Settings
    • Show Path Bar
    • Show Status Bar
    • Set View Defaults
  • Dock Settings
    • Enable Auto Hide
    • Disable Recent Applications
  • Setup Printer
  • Remove Siri from Menu Bar

Homebrew and Script

  1. Download and Install Xcode
    • Need to get this from the Apple Developer portal instead of the App Store. Just gives more flexibility to when and how to update it.
    • Make sure to run it to install the CLI tools as well xcode-select --install
  2. Install Homebrew
  3. Download this repo
    • Will setup Git creds and everything later
  4. Run brew bundle install

Downloaded Stuff

  • Microsoft Office

Application Settings

  • 1Password
    • Login and turn on Safari Plugin
    • Remove from Menu Bar
  • Android Studio
    • Start and let it install everything
  • Bartender
    • Launch and apply license
    • Set to launch at login
  • Choosy
    • Launch and apply license
    • Set Edge to open for Google Meet
    • Remove from Menu Bar
    • Set to launch at login
  • CleanShot X
    • Launch and apply license
    • Setup shortcuts
    • Move preview window to right side
  • Fantasical
    • Launch and login to Flexibits Account
    • Setup Google Accounts (don't use local accounts)
  • Kaleidoscope
    • Launch and apply license
  • Magnet
    • Launch and set to launch at login
  • Microsoft Office Apps
    • Launch Word and Login to Office365
  • Mimestream
    • Launch and setup email accounts
  • Notion
    • Launch and login
  • Pi-hole Remote
    • Setup and point to Synology
  • Safari
    • Turn off all Autofill
  • Slack
    • Launch and login to workspaces
  • Spotify
    • Turn off launch at login
  • Timely
    • Log in
  • Todoist
    • Login and allow notifications
  • Tower
    • Launch and apply license
    • Git Config setup
    • Setup SSH keys with GitHub
    • Clone laptopsetup repo via commandline to get ssh known hosts up to date. After that Tower will work
  • Visual Studio Code

Do This Last

  • OneDrive
    • Install should have happened already with Office 365 install.
    • Login and let sync happen. Will take a long time so be wired into the network

Dev Stuff

  • Setup .zprofile
    • Just copy file from this repo to home folder
  • Install Flutter Stable via FVM - fvm install stable
  • Sidekick
  • Ruby Setup via rbenv
    • rbenv install 2.7.2
    • rbenv global 2.7.2

Test Builds

  • Flutter App
    • Clone a flutter app repo, open in VSCode and hit debug.
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The list of things I do to setup a new MacOS laptop

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