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⚡️Build modern JAMstack websites with Vue.js

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Build super fast, modern websites with Vue.js

Gridsome is a Vue-powered static site generator for building CDN-ready websites for any headless CMS, local files or APIs

This project is under active development. Any feedback or contributions would be appreciated.

Enjoy a modern development stack

Build websites with modern tools like Vue.js, webpack and Node.js. Get hot-reloading and access to any packages from npm and write CSS in your favorite preprocessor like Sass or Less with auto-prefixing.

Connect to any CMS or data source

Use any CMS or data source for content. Pull data from WordPress, Contentful, local Markdown, or any other headless CMS or APIs and access it with GraphQL in your pages and components.

PWA Offline-first architecture

Only critical HTML, CSS, and JavaScript get loaded first. The next pages are then prefetched so users can click around incredibly fast without page reloads, even when offline.

Get perfect page speed scores

Gridsome automatically optimizes your frontend to load and perform blazing fast. You get code-splitting, image optimization, lazy-loading, and almost perfect lighthouse scores out-of-the-box.

Build future ready websites

The future of the web is JavaScript, API's, and Markup - the JAMstack. Gridsome uses the power of blazing-fast static site generator, JavaScript and APIs to create stunning dynamic web experiences.

Ready for global domination

Gridsome sites are usually not connected to any database and can be hosted entirely on a global CDN. It can handle thousands to millions of hits without breaking - and no expensive server costs.

Quick start

1. Install Gridsome CLI tool

npm install --global @gridsome/cli

2. Create a Gridsome project

  1. gridsome create my-gridsome-site to create a new project
  2. cd my-gridsome-site to open folder
  3. gridsome develop to start local dev server at http://localhost:8080
  4. Happy coding 🎉🙌

3. Next steps

  1. Create .vue components in the ./src/pages directory to create pages
  2. Use gridsome build to generate static files in a ./dist folder

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How to Contribute

Install Node.js 8.3 or higher and Yarn.

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. Create a new Gridsome project inside the ./projects folder.
  3. Enter the new project folder and run yarn install.
  4. The project will now use the local packages when you run gridsome develop.

Make sure your test project has a version number in its package.json if you use an existing project.

To use the local version of @gridsome/cli as the global command, enter the ./packages/cli folder and run npm link.

Yarn will add dependencies from your test projects to the root yarn.lock file. So you should not commit changes in that file unless you have added dependencies to any of the core packages. If you need to commit it, remove your projects from the ./projects folder temporary and run yarn install in the root folder. Yarn will then clean up the lock file with only necessary dependencies. Commit the file and move your projects back and run yarn install again to start developing.

Code of Conduct

In the interest of fostering an open and welcoming environment please read and follow our Code of Conduct.


Licensed under the MIT License.

Roadmap for v1.0

Visit the Gridsome Roadmap to keep track of which features we are currently working on.

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⚡️Build modern JAMstack websites with Vue.js

License:MIT License


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