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To create frames:

Edit the original files (affinity designer: .afdesign -- or -- adobe: .psd) and export each as png.

*note: files were created with Affinity Designer ( and exported as .psd for adobe compatability. adobe's layer effects are different, thus for each bud-shape you will need to adjust the inner shape's fill to be transparent and/or match the background.

To create rest period between animations (heartbeat effect):

Duplicate the unaltered logo (00.png), rename to 99.png and duplicate 30+ times. total frames ~50.

To convert pngs to gifs:

Install ImageMagick:


brew install ImageMagick


sudo apt install imagemagick

cd to folder containing desired pngs, and:

convert -delay 1x30 *.png out.gif

The gif, called "out.gif" will be written into this directory.

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Habitat Icon GIF