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Small, portable implementation of the C11 threads API

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TinyCThread v1.2



TinyCThread is a minimalist, portable, threading library for C, intended to
make it easy to create multi threaded C applications.

The library is closesly modeled after the C11 standard, but only a subset is
implemented at the moment.

See the documentation in the doc/html directory for more information.

Using TinyCThread

To use TinyCThread in your own project, just add tinycthread.c and
tinycthread.h to your project. In your own code, do:

#include <tinycthread.h>

TinyCThread also includes CMake support, so if your project uses CMake
you can just `add_subdirectory(tinycthread)`. Then simply add the
tinycthread target (using `target_link_libraries`) where necessary and
CMake will take care of everything else, including adding the correct
include directory and CTest integration.

Building the test programs

From the test folder, issue one of the following commands:

Linux, Mac OS X, OpenSolaris etc:
  make   (you may need to use gmake on some systems)


Windows/MS Visual Studio:
  nmake /f Makefile.msvc


v1.2 - Unreleased
  - Updated API to better match the final specification (e.g. removed mtx_try)
  - Improved Windows support, including TSS destructors
  - Added once support
  - Improved unit testing
  - Added CMake support
  - Assorted bug fixes

v1.1 - 2012.9.8
  - First release.
  - Updated API to better match the final specification (e.g. removed xtime).
  - Some functionality still missing (mtx_timedlock, TSS destructors under
    Windows, ...).

v1.0 - Never released
  - Development version based on C11 specification draft.


Copyright (c) 2012 Marcus Geelnard
              2013-2016 Evan Nemerson

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Small, portable implementation of the C11 threads API



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