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Game Description

This game aims to simulate a Pokemon battle where the player can choose their own Pokemon and battle against the computer.

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User Stories

  1. User inputs their name into the start page
  2. User selects up to 3 Pokemon from the deck as their battle characters
  3. User selects which Pokemon they want to start the game
  4. User selects which move to use to attack the Opponent
  5. Opponent will automatically attack once player move has been executed
  6. If player or opponent dies, player has the option to choose their next pokemon for the next round
  7. Game ends when either party has all their Pokemon killed


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • VanillaJS for DOM Manipulation
  • AJAX for fetching API data


  • API to fetch Pokemon data (
  • Pokemon Class component to generate new Pokemon objects
  • Event listeners allowing users to select Pokemon, moves, etc.
  • Interactive gameplay

Future Improvements

  • Randomly generate Pokemon through the API
  • Add animations using sprite sheet
  • Greater continuity by allowing players to collect points/tokens for each win and purchase potions for their Pokemon.



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