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Crypto Portfolio Tracker


This application aims to help users keep track of their cryptocurrency portfolio by connecting the site to their Metamask Wallet.

Live Website


- React
- React Router
- Material UI
- Metamask - Ethereum Wallet
- Ethers.js - Web3 library
- Web3Modal - Connect cryptocurreny wallet to App


  • Coingecko API - to query cryptocurrency prices and market data
  • Etherscan Rinkeby API - to query user's token balance on the Rinkeby testnet
  • Crypto News API - to query for crypto news

User Stories

User is able to:

  • View list of coins and their updated information on the Home Page.
  • Connect their Metamask Wallet to the site to view wallet balances.
  • Select individual coins to view detailed info and specific news.
  • View crypto-related news and events in the Newsfeed tab.

Future Improvements

  • Expand on Web3Modal library to allow users to connect to other wallets besides Metamask.
  • Keep track of historical portfolio values and display values in a chart.
  • Include additional token contracts in addition to ETH and LINK



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