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NFT Marketplace

A simple Ethereum-based NFT Marketplace that allows users to mint NFTs, list them on the marketplace, and buy/sell NFTs with other Ethereum accounts.

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Running this project locally


  • Node.js >= v14.0
  • Metamask Wallet installed in the browser
  • Hardhat

Local Setup

  1. Clone this repository and cd into the folder:
git clone
cd nft-marketplace
npm install
  1. Change into the hardhat folder and install the required dependencies:
cd hardhat
npm install
  1. Check that contracts properly compile: npx hardhat compile
  2. Run tests on both contracts: npx hardhat test
  3. To deploy and run contracts locally: npx hardhat run scripts/run.js
  4. Start the frontend on localhost:
cd ..
cd client
npm install
npm run dev

To deploy and run contracts on testnet:

  1. Set up Environment Variables:

    • Create a .env file directly under the Hardhat folder using touch .env
    • Define your Rinkeby API endpoint and wallet private key in the .env file. This is what your .env file should look like:
    • In hardhat.config.js, ensure the variable names for your API URL and private key correspond to those in .env
  2. Deploy contracts to the Rinkeby testnet:

    • npx hardhat run scripts/deploy.js --network rinkeby
    • This will return you the address of the deployed NFT and Marketplace contracts on Rinkeby printed in the console
    • Replace these addresses in the config.js file that is found in the root of the repository
  3. Start the frontend on localhost using the same method outlined above.

Note: Due to some challenges faced when deploying this Next.JS app, if you wish to deploy the frontend of this project, please refer to It contains the same functionality as the files in this repository, but refactored into React for ease of deployment.


  1. Mint

Users are able to mint individual digital files from their local machine by uploading it with a name, description and price. These piece will be stored on IPFS using the Infura IPFS endpoint, and displayed in the Marketplace for other users to view and purchase.

  1. Buy/Sell

Any item that an account mints will be automatically listed and can be bought by another account at the pre-determined price.

  1. View Gallery

Users can view all the NFTs they have minted, bought, and sold on the platform.

  1. Royalties

A percentage of the sale price will go to the marketplace contract whenever a sale occurs. The amount of royalties is declared in the constructor when deploying the marketplace contract.

Public Wallet Address for Certification



  • Hardhat
  • ethers.js
  • Chai
  • Next.js
  • IPFS
  • Web3Modal
  • dotenv



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