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Replace FakeStore with (patched) PlayStore for license verification and in-app purchases with microG

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FakeStore 2 PlayStore

This is a Magisk module that replaces FakeStore with the patched Play Store by Nanolx and is mainly intended to be used with LineageOS for microG, which already ships with microG and FakeStore. I only tested it on LineageOS 18.1 for microG. Use at your own risk, if you are on a different ROM.

The module uses fixed permissions settings from nift4's microG Installer Revived. Additionally it adds the Nanolx's NanoDroid companion F-Droid repository to F-Droid for automatic updates of the patched Play Store.

Why you want to use it

You want to have License Verification and In-App-Purchases with microG and already have a system with microG + FakeStore (like LineageOS for microG)


Important: Do NOT flash in TWRP, you need to use the Magisk app and have an active internet connection for downloading the patched PlayStore.

NanoDroid or microG Installer Revived already do the job, don't they?

Yes and no. After several tries with combinations of LineageOS 18.1, Lineage OS 18.1 for microG, NanoDroid and microG Installer Revived, I always ended up with either an unbootable system or with configurations that don't survive OTA upates or that would render microG upgrades useless or install too much.

  • NanoDroid's patcher (currently?) isn't able to successfully patch signature spoofing into LOS 18.1 and I didn't want to fiddle around with deodexing. My intention was to have a ready-to-use solution for LineageOS that survives OTAs. So I had to use LOS for microG, which already has the signature spoofing patch. However installing the patched PlayStore in LOS 18.1 for microG using NanoDroid always resulted in an unbootable system - even when disabling every other feature in .nanodroid-setup and hiding FakeStore with .nanodroid-overlay.
  • Though microG Installer Revived does a better job (the system was bootable after installing the patched PlayStore :), it isn't able to hide FakeStore on it's own. So I had to still hide FakeStore somehow. Additionally microG Installer Revived installs DroidGuard as a system app, which is not what I wanted. Furthermore, it overwrites GmsCore with it's own version and therefor any OTA updates by LineageOS for microG would've been overwritten by the Installer's version.

That said, it's possible to use NanoDroid's .nanodroid-overlay feature to hide FakeStore in combination with microG Installer Revived to install the patched PlayStore and live with the DroidGuard and OTA issues. But I decided to make a Magisk module that does no more than replacing FakeStore with a patched version of PlayStore. Here it is.


Linux, BSD, macOS, Android

Requires wget.

wget -O META-INF/com/google/android/update-binary && zip -9r *


Download this and put it into META-INF/com/google/android/update-binary. And ZIP it.


  • Nanolx for the PlayStore patch.
  • nift4 for microG Installer Revived


Replace FakeStore with (patched) PlayStore for license verification and in-app purchases with microG


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