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Open source video player with language learning features

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Open source, cross-platform video player with language learning features.

  • Based on VLC player, offers dictionary lookup for subtitles, word pronunciation and word saving features
  • Works with 90 languages (8100 language combinations!), since it's using Google Translate

To download Windows release go here:

How it works:

Let's say you are learning Spanish:

  • Open a Spanish movie, with Spanish subtitles, and optionally 2nd subtitles in your language.
  • Hover over any word to see translations to your language, click on it hear it and to save it to dictionary.
  • You can mark words with 4 levels of familiarity (New - red, Recognized - orange, Familiar - yellow and Known - green)
  • You can look up list of saved words any time and read subtitles in subtitle listing mode.

Used Technologies



  • npm install


Anyone is very welcome to contribute to this project. In case you are interested, contact me at ognjen.apic at, or start an issue.

Planned features in future (help is welcome):

  • Make OSX version
  • Add more dictionary sources
  • Lemmatization / stemming?
  • Highlight frequent words?
  • Translate app UI into several languages


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Open source video player with language learning features

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