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Iugu python client for Iugu API

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Iugu python API

This package is the more idiomatic python lib to work with Iugu service. The lib is compatible with Iugu API v1


This iugu-python lib is the more pythonic way to work with the webservices of payments This provides python objects to each entity of the service as Subscriptions, Plans, Customers, Invoices, etc. - API Reference


In order to use the code in this package, you need to obtain an account (API key) from You'll also find full API documentation on that page.

In order to run the sample code, you need a user account on the test mode service where you will do your development. Sign up for an account at and change mode in ("Modo de Teste")

In order to run the client sample code, you need a account user token. This is automatically created. See

Quick Install

Using pip

pip install iugu-python



# Downloading package master or release:
# or
cd iugu-python-master
python install

Usage (Quick Start)

Export environment variable IUGU_API_TOKEN

# For linux users:

Merchant operations

from iugu.merchant import IuguMerchant, Item
client = IuguMerchant(account_id="YOUR ACCOUN ID",
token = client.create_payment_token('4111111111111111', 'JA', 'Silva',
                                                    '12', '2010', '123')

How create an item for charge

item = Item("Produto My Test", 1, 10000)

Now you can to create charge

charge = client.create_charge(EMAIL_CUSTOMER, item,

Check invoice ID created. All payment pass by Invoice.


Or create a blank_slip ("Boleto Bancário")

charge = client.create_charge(EMAIL_CUSTOMER, item)

Customer operations

from iugu.customers import IuguCustomer
client = IuguCustomer()
customer = client.create(email='')

Now you can to retrieve customer


You can edit existent customer

client.set(CUSTOMER_ID, name="Sub Zero Wins")

Or you can to use save() = "Sub Zero Wins"

To remove or delete customer

client.delete(CONSUMER_ID) # by id
customer.remove() # by current instance

Operations with lists of customer

Get all customer

from iugu.customers import IuguCustomer
client = IuguCustomer()
# your flavor of options
# client.getitems([limit, skip, query, sort, created_at_from, created_at_to,
#                updated_since])

Use one option per time. Samples:
client.getitems(limit=30) # Get most recent (latest) 30 customers
client.getitems(skip=14) # Skip X customers. Useful for pagination

In tests SORT is not support by API:
client.getitems(sort="-name") # Sort by field >>name<< (descending)
client.getitems(sort="name") # Sort by field >>name<< (ascending)


Operations with Invoices

Create an invoice

from iugu.invoices import IuguInvoice
from iugu.merchant import Item

item = Item("Curso: High Self Learning", 1, 6900) # qtd:1; price: 69,00
invoice_obj = IuguInvoice()
new_invoice = invoice_obj.create(due_date='24/06/2014',
                                    email='', items=item)

Get invoice by id

# not is need previous instance/obj (classmethod)
invoice_existent = IuguInvoice.get('A4AF853BC5714380A8708B2A4EDA27B3')

Get all invoices

# not is need previous instance/obj
invoices = IuguInvoice.getitems() # outcomes list of invoices (max 100 by API)

Get all with filter

invoices = IuguInvoice.getitems(limit=10)
invoices = IuguInvoice.getitems(skp=5)
invoices = IuguInvoice.getitems(sort="-email") # DESC
invoices = IuguInvoice.getitems(sort="email") # ASC

Edit/change invoice. Only invoices with status "draft" can be changed all fields otherwise (if status pending, cancel or paid) only the logs field can to change

invoice_existent = IuguInvoice.get('A4AF853BC5714380A8708B2A4EDA27B3') = ""






invoice_existent = IuguInvoice.get('A4AF853BC5714380A8708B2A4EDA27B3')

Operations with Subscriptions

Create a subscription

from subscriptions import IuguSubscription
client = IuguSubscription()
# from plans import IuguPan
# plan_x = IuguPlan().create("Plano Collor", "plano_collor")
# from customers import IuguCustomer
# mario = IuguCustomer().create(email='')
# subscription = client.create(,
#                 plan_identifier=plan_x.identifier)
subscription = client.create(customer_id="XXX", plan_identifier="XXX")

Get one

subscription = IuguSubscription.get('ID')


subscription = IuguSubscription.get('ID')
subscription.expires_at = "14/07/2014"




Known Issues

Date Types

It's need to use date formatted as string "2014-06-05T15:02:40-03:00", but in new release date will python date.

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Iugu python client for Iugu API

License:Apache License 2.0


Language:Python 100.0%