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Errors when running

xx2022 opened this issue · comments

When I tried to run tf-encrypted/protocol/aby3/, I met some errors as follows.
(MacOS, python 3.6.1, tf 1.15.3)

截屏2020-07-09 上午12 01 02

Thanks for your help!

Hi, have you followed the development installation instructions found here?

It works for me!
I just installed tfe via pip for convenience and ignore that...

Thank you for your reply :)

One more question, where can I find the paper about the pond protocol?
I want to read some details but could not find the link or something.

You can find a description of Pond in Section 2 of our NeurIPS workshop paper. Because we implement/combine primitives from previous work, we rely on the security proofs from those papers.