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Any examples for using ABY3 protocol ?

liao1230ho123 opened this issue · comments


I have used the examples in examples directory already but most are for SecureNN and Pond but I would like to use ABY3.
Is there any examples or notebook for using ABY3 protocol? for Multiplication operation is better.
I found that ABY3 dosent contain using Queue fuction so I faced troubles for experimenting.

Very appreciate!

Here's some code to help with training a linear classifier with ABY-3, similar to the original logistic regression example. You can use those classes to write your own training script, or you can extend them for your own model type.

As far as using ABY-3 with the Queue, I don't think we've tested it. It should be possible in theory though!

Please check the examples on ML inference and training on secret-shared images.