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A WeeChat plugin for Slack.com. Synchronizes read markers, provides typing notification, search, etc..

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News: The 0.99.1+ has a number of backend changes to make things faster and better. You should use it. :) (please report bugs in #wee-slack on freenode)

A WeeChat native client for Slack.com. Provides supplemental features only available in the web/mobile clients such as: synchronizing read markers, typing notification, search, (and more)! Connects via the Slack API, and maintains a persistent websocket for notification of events.

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  • New Upload to slack capabilities!

  • Emoji reactions!

  • Edited messages work just like the official clients, where the original message changes and has (edited) appended.

  • Unfurled urls dont generate a new message, but replace the original with more info as it is received.

  • Regex style message editing (s/oldtext/newtext/)

  • Caches message history, making startup MUCH faster

  • Smarter redraw of dynamic buffer info (much lower CPU %)

  • beta UTF-8 support

  • Doesn't use IRC gateway. Connects directly with Slack via API/Websocket

  • Multiple Teams supported! Just add multiple api tokens separated by commas

  • Replays history automatically during startup. (and sets read marker to the correct position in history)

  • Open channels synchronized with Slack. When you open/close a channel on another client it is reflected in wee-slack

  • Colorized nicks in buffer list when used with buffers.pl

  • Colorized nicks in chat

  • Supports bidirectional slack read notifications for all channels. (never reread the same messages on the web client or other devices).

  • Typing notification, so you can see when others are typing, and they can see when you type. Appears globally for direct messages

  • Search slack history allows you to do simple searches across all previous slack conversations

  • Away/back status handling

  • Expands/shows metadata for things like tweets/links

  • Displays edited messages (slack.com irc mode currently doesn't show these)

  • Super fun debug mode. See what the websocket is saying with /slack debug

In Development

  • fix search
  • add notification of new versions of wee-slack
  • growl notification




wee-slack doesn't use the Slack IRC gateway. If you currently connect via the gateway, you should probably remove the server definition.

/server list
    All servers:
/server del slack
/python reload

####1. Install dependencies

OSX and Linux
pip install websocket-client
pkg install py27-websocket-client py27-six

####2. copy wee_slack.py to ~/.weechat/python/autoload

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rawdigits/wee-slack/master/wee_slack.py
cp wee_slack.py ~/.weechat/python/autoload

####3. Start WeeChat


####4. Add your Slack API key(s)

/set plugins.var.python.slack_extension.slack_api_token [YOUR_SLACK_TOKEN]

^^ (find this at https://api.slack.com/web)

If you don't want to store your API token in plaintext you can use the secure features of weechat:

/secure passphrase this is a super secret password
/secure set slack_token [YOUR_SLACK_TOKEN]
/set plugins.var.python.slack_extension.slack_api_token ${sec.data.slack_token}
Optional: If you would like to connect to multiple groups, use the above command with multiple tokens separated by commas. (NO SPACES)
/set plugins.var.python.slack_extension.slack_api_token [token1],[token2],[token3]

###5. $PROFIT$

/python reload


Join a channel:

/join [channel]
/slack join [channel]

Start a direct chat with someone:

/query [username]
/slack talk [username]

List channels:

/slack channels

List users:

/slack users

Close channel/dm:


Set yourself away/back:

/slack away
/slack back

Modify previous message Note: this is not regex, just similar syntax:

s/old text/new text/

Delete previous message:


Add a reaction to the nth last message. The number can be omitted and defaults to the last message. The + can be replaced with a - to remove a reaction instead.


Turn off colorized nicks:

/set plugins.var.python.slack_extension.colorize_nicks 0

Set channel prefix to something other than my-slack-subdomain.slack.com (e.g. when using buffers.pl):

/set plugins.var.python.slack_extension.server_alias.my-slack-subdomain "mysub"

Set all read markers to a specific time:

/slack setallreadmarkers (time in epoch)

Upload a file to the current slack buffer:

/slack upload [file_path]

Debug mode:

/slack debug

Optional settings

Show typing notification in main bar (slack_typing_notice):

/set weechat.bar.status.items [buffer_count],[buffer_plugin],buffer_number+:+buffer_name+{buffer_nicklist_count}+buffer_filter,[hotlist],completion,scroll,slack_typing_notice

Show channel name in hotlist after activity

/set weechat.look.hotlist_names_level 14


wee-slack is provided without any warranty whatsoever, but you are welcome to ask questions in #wee-slack on freenode.

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A WeeChat plugin for Slack.com. Synchronizes read markers, provides typing notification, search, etc..

License:MIT License


Language:Python 100.0%