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A Stylish style for easy Slack theming.

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Slack Night Mode

A Stylish style for easy Slack theming.

This is public domain.


This theme requires that you use the Stylish extension for your browser (available for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari).

If you wish to modify or create a theme, you must be familiar with Sass. Themes can be built by running make.


Default (default.css - install)

The default theme is based on Slack's maroon color. It's slack-night-mode's original theme.

Default Screenshot

Black (black.css - install)

This black theme is better for night use than the default, if you use a program like f.lux or redshift.

Black Screenshot


All themes also have a monospaced variant. These use a monospace font stack.

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A Stylish style for easy Slack theming.


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