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A simple bunch of examples used as an overview about ES6 (ECMAScript 2015)

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ES6/7, Webpack 2, TypeScript Learning Project

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At the moment, only available in Portuguese, but English versions are coming very soon. :)


This is a support project used to run you through ECMAScript new features, as well as Webpack 2 for bundling up your projects and TypeScript to make more predictable code with strong typed language.

ES6 / ES2015 / Ecmascript 2015

Follow links below to acend to lectures (must be logged in at or their respective branches. Note that some lectures have no start branch which means you should look back to find the starting point.

Lecture Start branch End branch
ES6 - Classes master
Herança ES6Classes
Sobre o Git, NPM scripts e Lint (eslint) ES6Classes
Funções ES6Functions
Escopo ES6ScopeStart ES6ScopeDone
ES6 Arrays e Collections ES6CollectionsStart
Javascript Modules e ferramentas
ES6 Modules

Webpack 2

Lecture Start branch End branch
Primeiros Bundles WebpackStart
O arquivo webpack.config.js WebpackConfigStart
Webpack Dev Server & Webpack Dev Middleware WebpackServerMiddleware
Hot Module Replacement HotModuleReplacement
Webpack 2 Plugins & Loaders PluginsLoaders
Transpiling com Babel Babel
CSS & SASS Loaders CSSLoaders
Carregando Imagens ImageLoaders ImageLoadersEnd
Multi entries & Code Splitting CodeSpliting
Tree Shaking, Dead Code Elimination e Performance Tuning TreeShaking WebpackEnd


Lecture Start branch End branch
Tipagem estática TypeScriptStart
Inferência de tipos e declarations
Aprofundando nas configurações - Parte 1 TSConfig
Aprofundando nas configurações - Parte 2
Classes e modificadores TSClasses
Generics - Parte 1 TSGenerics
Generics - Parte 2 TSGenericsPart2
Structural Typing e Interfaces TypesTypes
Tipos compostos, types aliases e classes abstratas TypesTypesEnd
Módulos e namespaces TypesTypes NamespacesEnd
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A simple bunch of examples used as an overview about ES6 (ECMAScript 2015)