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easy way to post webpage to scrapbox.io

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easy way to post webpage to scrapbox.io



For users

You can download extension packages from https://github.com/pastak/scboloo/releases

For developers

Plase read how to build on below.

Build Packages


  • Install node and yarn
  • % yarn install
  • % yarn build

Make Packaging

  • All packages(for Chrome, Firefox, MSEdge): % yarn run pack
  • Chrome: % yarn run pack:chrome
  • Firefox: % yarn run pack:firefox
  • MS Edge: % yarn run pack:msedge
    • If you install your MS Edge you should sign appX

Built Package Location

  • Chrome(crx): packages/scboloo.crx
  • Chrome(zip): packages/scboloo.chrome.zip
  • Firefox: packcages/scboloo-X.X.X.zip
  • MSEdge: packages/edgeExtension.appx


  • Require node, yarn
  1. % git clone git@github.com:pastak/scboloo.git
  2. % cd scboloo
  3. % yarn install
  4. Run build command
  • % yarn run build
    • dir: dist/chrome, dist/firefox, 'dist/msedge'
    • watch: % yarn run watch


easy way to post webpage to scrapbox.io


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