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Deep neural network text classification papers in PyTorch

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Deep Text Classification in PyTorch

PyTorch implementation of deep text classification models including:



To begin, you will need to download datasets as follows:

$ python download_dataset.py all

You can also download a specific dataset by specifying its name instead of all. Available datasets are MR, SST-1, SST-2, ag_news, sogou_news, dbpedia, yelp_review_full, yelp_review_polarity, yahoo_answers, amazon_review_full, and amazon_review_polarity

To download word vectors, run the following:

$ python download_wordvector.py word2vec
$ python download_wordvector.py glove


To train WordCNN with rand mode:

$ python main.py --dataset MR WordCNN --mode rand --vector_size 128 --epochs 300

To train WordCNN with multichannel mode:

$ python main.py --dataset MR WordCNN --mode multichannel --wordvec_mode word2vec --epochs 300

Available modes are rand, static, non-static, and multichannel


To train CharCNN with small mode:

$ python main.py --dataset MR CharCNN --mode small --epochs 300

To train CharCNN with large mode:

$ python main.py --dataset MR CharCNN --mode large --epochs 300


To train VDCNN with depth = 29:

$ python main.py --dataset MR VDCNN --depth 29


To train QRNN with four layers:

$ python main.py --dataset MR QRNN --wordvec_mode glove --num_layers 4 --epochs 300

TF-IDF (benchmark)

You can train a multinomial logistic regression with TF-IDF features as a benchmark.

$ python tf-idf.py --dataset MR


Refer to python main.py --help and python main.py {WordCNN, CharCNN, VDCNN, QRNN} --help for full description of how to use.


Results are reported as follows: Test accuracy reproduced here (Test accuracy reported by the paper)

To find the settings for experiments, refer to experiments.sh.

MR SST_1 SST_2 ag_news sogu_news db_pedia yelp_review_full yelp_review_polarity yahoo_answer amazon_review_full amazon_review_polarity
WordCNN (rand) 69.4 (76.1) (45.0) (82.7) 88.3 92.5
WordCNN (static) (81.0) (45.5) (86.8)
WordCNN (non-static) (81.5) (48.0) (87.2)
WordCNN (multichannel) (81.1) (47.4) (88.1)
CharCNN (small)
CharCNN (large)
VDCNN (29-layers)
QRNN (k=2) (91.4)
QRNN (k=4) (91.1)



Deep neural network text classification papers in PyTorch


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