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Papers, code and datasets about deep learning and multi-modal learning for video analysis

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Awesome Deep Learning for Video Analysis

This repo contains some video analysis, especiall multimodal learning for video analysis, research. I summarize some papers and categorize them by myself. You are kindly invited to pull requests!

I pay more attention on multimodal learning related work and some research like action recognition is not the main scope of this repo.




  • CVPR2019:Multi-Modal Learning from Videos [Project Page]

  • awesome-multimodal-ml: Reading list for research topics in multimodal machine learning [GitHub]


I find a very interesting website

Sortable and searchable compilation of video dataset [Video Dataset Overview]

  • AVA dataset: AVA is a project that provides audiovisual annotations of video for improving our understanding of human activity. [Project]
  • PyVideoResearch: A repositsory of common methods, datasets, and tasks for video research [GitHub]
  • How2 Dataset: How2: A Large-scale Dataset for Multimodal Language Understanding [Paper] [GitHub]
  • Moments in Time Dataset A large-scale dataset for recognizing and understanding action in videos [Dataset] [Pretrained Model]
  • Pretrained image and video models for Pytorch [GitHub]
  • Youtube-8M, new segment task! [Blog]


  • facebookresearch/ClassyVision: An end-to-end PyTorch framework for image and video classification [GitHub]
  • MediaPipe is a cross-platform framework for building multimodal applied machine learning pipelines [GitHub]
  • This document describes the collection of utilities created for Detection and Classification of Acoustic Scenes and Events (DCASE). [GitHub]
  • Easy to use video deep features extractor [GitHub]
  • Video Platform for Action Recognition and Object Detection in Pytorch [GitHub]
  • FAIR Self-Supervised Learning Integrated Multi-modal Environment (SSLIME) [GitHub]


Video Classification (Spatiotemporal Features)

  • Learnable pooling with Context Gating for video classification [Paper] [GitHub]
  • TSM: Temporal Shift Module for Efficient Video Understanding [Paper] [GitHub]
  • Long-Term Feature Banks for Detailed Video Understanding (CVPR2019) [Paper][GitHub]
  • Deep Learning for Video Classification and Captioning [Paper]
  • Large-scale Video Classification with Convolutional Neural Networks [Paper]
  • Learning Spatiotemporal Features with 3D Convolutional Networks [Paper]
  • Two-Stream Convolutional Networks for Action Recognition in Videos [Paper]
  • Action Recognition with Trajectory-Pooled Deep-Convolutional Descriptors [Paper]
  • Non-local neural networks [Paper] [GitHub]
    • Wang, Xiaolong, Ross Girshick, Abhinav Gupta, and Kaiming He. (CVPR 2018)
    • Summary:
  • Learning Correspondence from the Cycle-consistency of Time [Paper] [GitHub]
    • Xiaolong Wang and Allan Jabri and Alexei A. Efros (CVPR2019)
    • Summary:
  • 3D ConvNets in Pytorch [GitHub]

Multimodal For video Analysis

  • Awsome list for multimodal learning [GitHub]
  • VideoBERT: A Joint Model for Video and Language Representation Learning [Paper]
  • AENet: Learning Deep Audio Features for Video Analysis [Paper] [GitHub]
  • Look, Listen and Learn [Paper]
  • Objects that Sound [Paper]
  • Learning to Separate Object Sounds by Watching Unlabeled Video [Paper]
    • Gao, Ruohan, Rogerio Feris, and Kristen Grauman. arXiv preprint arXiv:1804.01665 2018
  • Ambient Sound Provides Supervision for Visual Learning [Paper]
    • Owens, Andrew, Jiajun Wu, Josh H. McDermott, William T. Freeman, and Antonio Torralba. ECCV 2016
    • Summary: unsupervised learning
  • Learning Cross-Modal Temporal Representations from Unlabeled Videos [Google Blog]

Video Moment Localization

Video Retrieval

  • Use What You Have: Video retrieval using representations from collaborative experts [GitHub]
  • HowTo100M: Learning a Text-Video Embedding by Watching Hundred Million Narrated Video Clips [Project Website]
    • Miech, Antoine, et al. (arXiv:1906.03327 (2019))
  • Learning a Text-Video Embedding from Incomplete and Heterogeneous Data." [Paper][GitHub]
    • Miech, Antoine, Ivan Laptev, and Josef Sivic. ECCV 2018
    • Summary: combine multi-modality information, calculate similarities and weight different similarities
  • Cross-Modal and Hierarchical Modeling of Video and Text [Paper]
    • B. Zhang * , H. Hu * , F. Sha ECCV 2018
    • Summary: learning the intrinsic hierarchical structures of both videos and texts. (Make video and text closer, make videos closer and make text closer)
  • A dataset for movie description. [Paper]
    • Rohrbach, Anna, Marcus Rohrbach, Niket Tandon, and Bernt Schiele. CVPR 2015
    • Summary: dataset paper
  • Web-scale Multimedia Search for Internet Video Content. [Thesis]
    • Lu Jiang
    • Summary: amazing thesis

Video Advertisement (Also include some image advertisement paper)

  • Automatic understanding of image and video advertisements [Paper] [Project]
    • Hussain, Zaeem, Mingda Zhang, Xiaozhong Zhang, Keren Ye, Christopher Thomas, Zuha Agha, Nathan Ong, and Adriana Kovashka. CVPR 2017
    • Summary: Image and video advertisement datasets and baselines.
  • Multimodal Representation of Advertisements Using Segment-level Autoencoders [Paper] [GitHub]
    • Somandepalli, Krishna, Victor Martinez, Naveen Kumar, and Shrikanth Narayanan. ICMI 2018
    • Summary: video and audio features to understand whether video is funny or not.
  • Story Understanding in Video Advertisements. [Paper] [GitHub]
    • Keren Ye, Kyle Buettner, Adriana Kovashka BMVC 2018
    • Summary: Combine multiple features including climax, audio and so on to analyze video ads.
  • ADVISE: Symbolism and External Knowledge for Decoding Advertisements. [Paper] [GitHub]
    • Keren Ye and Adriana Kovashka. (ECCV2018)
    • Summary: action-reason statement for advertisement. Many pre-trained models are as prior knowledge. SSD, DenseCAP and GloVe.

Visual Commonsense Reasoning

  • From Recognition to Cognition: Visual Commonsense Reasoning [Paper] [Project Website]
    • Rowan Zellers, Yonatan Bisk, Ali Farhadi, Yejin Choi (CVPR2019)
    • Summary: First dataset paper. Use BERT and fastrcnn as the baseline

Video Highlight Prediction

  • Video highlight prediction using audience chat reactions
    • Fu, Cheng-Yang, Joon Lee, Mohit Bansal, and Alexander C. Berg. (EMNLP 2017)

Object Tracking

  • SenseTime's research platform for single object tracking research, implementing algorithms like SiamRPN and SiamMask. [GitHub]

Audio-Visual Dialog

  • Audio-Visual Scene-Aware Dialog [GitHub]
    • Alamri, Huda, Vincent Cartillier, Abhishek Das, Jue Wang, Stefan Lee, Peter Anderson, Irfan Essa et al.
    • arXiv preprint arXiv:1901.09107 (2019)


Papers, code and datasets about deep learning and multi-modal learning for video analysis

License:MIT License