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Conversion from 3D LiDAR pointcloud to images

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Conversion from 3D LiDAR pointcloud to images Group


This work was inspired on cloud_to_image from I. Bogoslavskyi, C. Stachniss, University of Bonn https://github.com/PRBonn/cloud_to_image.git


Several 3D LiDARs are supported:

  • Velodyne: HDL-64-S2, HDL-64-S3, HDL-32, VLP-32, VLP-16
  • Ouster: OS-1-16, OS-1-64 (both in 512, 1024 and 2048 modes)

Several pointclouds are supported:

  • XYZ
  • XYZI

(I=intensity, R=ring, F=reflectivity, N=ambient noise)

Several image output modes supported, depending on the pointcloud type:

  • SINGLE: each image is independent
  • GROUP: all images are grouped into one
  • STACK: all images are combined one per channel
  • ALL: single images + group images + stack images will be published


  • Group image for pointcloud type XYZIFN: Group

  • Stack image for pointcloud type XYZIFN: Stack

How to build

  1. Create a ROS workspace (if necessary):
mkdir ~/wkspace-cloud2image/src -p
cd ~/wkspace-cloud2image/src
  1. Clone this repository:
cd ~/wkspace-cloud2image/src
git clone https://github.com/alexandrx/lidar_cloud_to_image.git
  1. Build it:
cd ~/wkspace-cloud2image/
catkin build

How to run

The following is an example how to generate images for an Ouster OS-1-64 in 2048x10 mode, pointcloud type XYZIFN, output all images in 8bpp, with histogram equalization and horizontal flipped, images resized 3x in vertical.

roslaunch lidar_cloud_to_image cloud2image.launch sensor_model:="OS-1-64-2048" point_type:="XYZIFN" v_scale:=3.0 output_mode:="ALL" 8bpp:=true equalize:=true flip:=true

To show the group-mode image:

rosrun image_view image_view image:=/c2i_group_image

And to show the stack-mode image:

rosrun image_view image_view image:=/c2i_stack_image


  • Documentation
  • [] VLS-128 support (more testing needed)
  • [] Correct odd black horizontal lines
  • [] Add HESAI Pandar64, Pandar40, and Pandar40p support
  • [] Add Robosense RSLidar32 support


Conversion from 3D LiDAR pointcloud to images


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