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Source code for "The Ultimate Vue.js Developers Course"

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Ultimate Vue.js Developers Course

Source code for the Ultimate Vue.js Developers Course.

Project 1: Vue.js Poster Shop


See the completed project here:


  1. Ensure NPM and git are installed on your system

  2. Register Oauth 2 access to the Imgur API.

    Register for OAuth 2 authorization without a callback URL. You can name your application anything you like and you don't need a callback URL. The important thing is that you get a client ID.


  1. Install this code on your local system

    Option 1 (recommended)

    1. Fork this repository (see top right corner)

    2. Clone the forked repository on your local file system

      cd /path/to/install/location
      git clone[your_username]/vuejs-poster-shop.git

    Option 2 (easier)

    This option is better if you're not a Github user or are not sure how to setup SSH keys

    cd /path/to/install/location
    git clone
  2. Install dependencies

    npm install
  3. Create a .env file by copying the sample

    cp .env_sample .env

    Now edit the .env file and replace the IMGUR_CLIENT_ID with the client ID provided in the pre-installation

  4. Start project

    npm run start
  5. Your site will be available at localhost:[PORT] where PORT is whatever value is set in your .env file.

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Source code for "The Ultimate Vue.js Developers Course"


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