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Bitcoin thin client for iOS. Built with React Native and Expo

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BlueWallet - Bitcoin Wallet

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Thin Bitcoin Wallet. Built with React Native, Expo and BlockCypher API.

Appstore v2.1.0


Discussion thread:

  • Build and run on your own using Expo Client
  • Private keys never leave your device
  • SegWit-first. Replace-By-Fee support
  • Encryption. Plausible deniability

Beta version, do not use to store large amounts!


  • In your console:
git clone
cd BlueWallet
npm install
npm start


npm run test


I was not satisfied with existing iOS Bitcoin apps, especially with BreadWallet (the one I mainly used) where development stalled and they could not even deliver such features as SegWit, RBF and custom fees (at the times where custom fees were especially needed). So I knew I could create one to use myself and let others use it. I had experience with awesome bitcoin-js lib (javascript), and since I dont own any Macs, don't plan to and not going to learn ObjC/Swift - ReactNative (where you also write in javascript) was an obvious choice.


Igor Korsakov




v1.0.0 alpha

Support for single private-key wallets:

  • SegWith P2SH compatibility addresses


  • Wallets
    • Sub-screen Edit Wallet
      • Edit label
      • Delete
      • View info: type, address, privkey (?)
    • Sub-screen Add Wallet
  • Transactions
    • Sub screen to view transaction details (confs, fee, seen date, confirmed date, time to confirm)
      • View TX on block explorer
  • Receive
    • Choose wallet
    • Sub-screen with QR
      • address as un-editable input (for copy-paste)
  • Send
    • Choose Wallet
    • Scan QR
      • Sub screen edit balance, memo, receiver name ...
        • Validation error in case of empty fields
      • Broadcast TX
        • save TX meta info to wallet storage (memo, txhex)
  • Settings
    • Opensource link
    • Technologies used

v2.0.0 beta

  • Legacy addresses
  • Encrypt all storage, PIN/Password/Fingerprint security
  • Currency conversion
  • Localization (RU, UA)


  • Receive
    • Choose wallet
      • Choose amount in BTC, label etc
      • Generate specialized QR wih above info
    • Choose walet
      • Receive through changelly/shapeshift
  • Send
    • Handle bitcoin:// URI
    • Scan QR with bitcoin:// URI
  • Transactions
    • Sub screen to view transaction details (confs, fee, seen date, confirmed date, time to confirm)
      • Do RBF on TX (with change-destination address)
      • Do CPFP
  • Settings
    • Appstore RateMe link

v3.0.0 beta

Support HD (multi-private keys) Support bech32 addresses


  • Settings
    • Different UTXO usage strategies
  • Address book..?


Lightning support?


  • RBF
  • CPFP
  • Sign any message with private key
  • Verify other message signature
  • Tool: Cold wallet verifier (scans private keys and displays public keys realtime)
  • Export (backup) secrets/private keys
  • Export (bip38 password-encrypted)
  • Cold wallet generator
  • Export created signed tx, no broadcast
  • Work through proxy? TOR?
  • Localizations (RU, UA, BY? Arab, JP, CH?)
  • OFFLINE TX: get unspents offline, create & sign TX offline, export txhex
  • Sweep other private key
  • Rebroadcast TX (to some different endpoints?)
  • Batch transaction
  • MultiSig M-of-N (while keeping only 1..M of all sigs on device)
    • Sign your part of multisig via QR code
  • Transaztion queue chart, fee estimation
  • Push notifications for all associated addresses
  • Keep PrivKey/WIF on paper, scan only on TX signing, not keping on device (watch-only address)
  • Decode TX screen
  • Migrate to ElectrumX server (ditch blockcypher) - requires socket/tcp support in Expo OR rpc2rest proxy
  • Fake password which unlocks fake wallets (aka plausible deniability)
  • BIP38 (password-protected key)
  • Self-destruct if several password attempts
  • Generate keys with desired text in address (3MyAddRess......)
  • Generate private key with dice or coin flip as a source of entropy
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Bitcoin thin client for iOS. Built with React Native and Expo

License:MIT License


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