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The game of exploding pigs.

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SwineMeeper is a game involving burrowing explosive pigs (unlike similar games, which involve mines and sweeping).

The game shows a grid view of a meadow containing a number of a rare breed of burrowing pigs, all of which have the unfortunate habit of exploding when disturbed. Your job is to locate all of the pigs and plant flags (by right-clicking) on the squares they occupy.

Digging up a square (by left-clicking) will reveal the number of adjacent squares containing pigs. However, digging up an actual pig will cause it to explode, ending the game.

You win the game by correctly flagging all of the pigs and digging up all the other squares.

Building and Running

To build SwineMeeper, you will need:

  • Scala 2.9.1 or later. (Other versions may work.)
  • A compatible Java VM.
  • GNU make or equivalent.
  • ImageMagick (or maybe GraphicsMagick--I haven't tried it.)
  • A sufficiently UNIX-ish build environment (for the inline shell scripts).

Just clone the source code and type 'make' to build it.

To run it, type

scala SwineMeeper.jar

Note that you will need Java and Scala to run the resulting jar file. It's possible to create a redistributable jar that only needs a JVM but I'm not motivated enough to figure out how. If you manage it, feel free to send me a pull request.


SwineMeeper is Copyright (C) Chris Reuter 2013 and is free software redistributable under the terms of the GNU general public license. See the file 'Copyright.txt' for details.

SwineMeeper is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


The game of exploding pigs.



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